27 Collections Later - A Look at ADG Poster Art, Part #1

27 Collections Later - A Look at ADG Poster Art, Part #1

With the holiday season right around the corner, our art staff and printshop team thought it would be helpful to review our poster art collections in case you want to do some early-bird gift shopping. Each collection of prints is an assortment of anywhere from a dozen to several hundred unique and original designs. From the vintage poster art of the 62 American National Parks Collection to the Mod Collection's mid-20th century designs, to travel art, pet art, Nashville poster art, and vintage ad art, these collections represent over a decade of creativity and inspiration from our ADG poster artists. If you were looking for a quick and easy way to navigate the collections and learn a little more about each, this guide is the perfect place to begin.

Enjoy a quick, inside look at each collection, and happy shopping!

62 American National Parks - Inspired by the Nostalgia and Natural Beauty of America's Parklands

One of our most popular collections is undoubtedly the 62 American National Parks Collection. With over 300 unique and original designs, we launched this collection over a decade ago with the mission to create vintage poster art of each of the 62 National Parks.

We styled the artwork after the WPA-commissioned art of the early 1900s, drawing inspiration from the dynamic nature and mysterious beauty that the parks embody. If you'd like to show your love for the parks or shop for the National Park enthusiast in your life, this art collection is the perfect place to start!

National Monuments and Natural Wonders - Celebrating America's Nature

While the National Parks are thought of as the flagship of American parks, the hundreds of national monuments, state parks, national forests, and natural wonders are often just as stunning.

In this collection, ADG poster artists drew from the same inspiration and love for vintage art, travel art, and National Park art to create dozens of unique designs and vintage posters of National Monuments and natural wonders. Every time we find a new park, commons, coastline, Monument, historic site, or nature preserve, we create a unique rendition of it! So be sure to check back on this collection. It's still growing!

American State Pride - Showcase Your Love for Your Home

Want to show your love for your home state? Just came back from a favorite state and looking for a souvenir? Trying to find a special, unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for family member or loved one?

The American State Pride Collection is a great place to start. This collection features a unique, bold, iconic design for each of the 50 states, with each poster representing something memorable for that locale. These posters are a bright, colorful, and cheerful way to show your state pride!

American Travel - Vintage Designs from Every Corner of the 50 States

Our most extensive collection of poster artwork yet, the American Travel Collection serves to showcase the countless and mesmerizing travel destinations across the United States.

We launched this collection in 2010, and with over 300 unique designs and more added each month, this collection of art is set to be the most comprehensive work of American travel art and poster art yet. Search the collection for places you've been or places you'd like to see. We're quite certain there will be something in the collection with your name on it!

Animal Lovers - Poster Art for Pet Owners

Not only does the Animal Lovers Collection feature fun, colorful designs of common household pets, but this collection also features renditions of favored animals from across the globe.

From manatees in Florida to koalas in Australia, black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains to bison in Yellowstone, cats, dogs, and other household pets, this collection is the one-stop-shop for animal art and pet art.

Cheers to Us! - Perfect Poster Art for Wet Bars, Kitchens, Man Caves, and Wine Rooms

The Cheers to Us! Collection was created to celebrate vintage wine, handcrafted beer, and everything in between. Sommeliers and beer aficionados unite! This collection is one that can bring all connoisseurs together.

The collection features original designs of favorite drafts, well-known vintages, and other beer and wine-related delicacies. Appreciate artwork of your favorite beverage, styled in vintage poster art, art deco, mod art, retro illustration, and more.

Cicada Invasion! - Can You Survive the Coming Swarm?

Every few years, millions of cicada insects come rushing from the ground and swarm over our trees, yards, cars, windows, porches, front doors, and gardens. These pesky critters are harmless, but witnessing them in full swarm is an experience you won't soon forget!

To celebrate your survival of the most recent cicada invasion, enjoy any of these quirky and original ADG designs! These beauties were styled after mid-20th century B-rate horror movie posters, quite fitting for a cicada swarm!

Bring the Beach into Your Home with the Coastal Collection

Nothing beats a day spent on the beach! And with the Coastal Collection, you can bring all your favorite "beach feels" indoors with handcrafted designs of sun, surf, sand, swimming, beach beverages, ocean critters, sandals, dolphins, mermaids, lighthouses, and  other beach and coastline-related images.

Stock up on artwork from the Coastal Collection in the form of prints, banners, notecards, postcards, metal signs, or canvases and have your home looking like a beach house in no time at all!

Coffee - Need We Say More?

It should come as no surprise that a group of poster artists, talented men and women who stay up late to finish that one, prized illustration (and then get up early the next day to do it all over again!), would be a group of coffee lovers.

If you love coffee as much as we do, you're going to love this collection! We added a bit of an international flair to the poster art as well, giving a shout out to all the great nations that produce some of the world's best coffee. Stylish, colorful, vintage, and refined, this coffee art will look great in a kitchen, breakfast nook, study, or office break room.

From the Heart - Romance and Vintage Art Combined

For a flair of the romance and a touch of love, "From the Heart" delivers. This collection features feel-good poster art, handcrafted renditions, and vintage oil paintings of love, couples, honeymoons, hearts, and meaningful quotes.

Looking for a kind-hearted gift for that special someone in your life? This is the collection for you.

Happy Holidays! - Seasonal Cheer from Anderson Design Group

Looking for easy-to-install home decor that you can bring out when the holiday season rolls around? Look no further than the Happy Holidays Collection.

This assortment of vintage poster art features over 30 unique and original designs perfect for the Christmas and New Year season. Hang these beauties up when the temperatures drop and the snow flies, and transform your home into a holiday haven!

Stunning Vintage Oil Paintings - The Kai Carpenter Collection

Every once in awhile, Anderson Design Group founder Joel Anderson comes across an artist so talented and skilled in their chosen medium that a collaboration must ensue. That is the case with Kai Carpenter, an oil painter from Washington State.

Joel and Kai have teamed up to create dozens of vintage-styled paintings over the years, colorful and highly detailed renditions of National Parks, American cities, world travel locations, and more. For the oil painting enthusiast and for those who enjoy a romantic, vintage style in their art, the Kai Carpenter Collection is the one for you!

Check Back Next Week for More Poster Art Collections!

This guide was just a glimpse at a dozen Anderson Design Group poster collections. Check back next week for Part #2 of the guide!

Happy poster shopping!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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