27 Collections Later - A Look at ADG Poster Art, Part #2

27 Collections Later - A Look at ADG Poster Art, Part #2

Who's ready for more vintage poster art?! Last week we dove into our collections, 27 in all, reminiscing on the inspiration, creativity, and depth of thought that went into each. We covered 12 ADG poster collections in that blog post, and in this blog, we'll take a look at the remaining 15.

Read on, and don't forget to reach out and let us know which collection is your favorite!

The Kenneth Crane Collection

Every once in awhile, Anderson Design Group founder Joel Anderson comes across an artist whose talent is so unique, who's skill in illustration and design so profound, that a collaboration simply must ensue. That's precisely what happened when Joel came across Kenneth Crane's work.

Kenneth is a bright new star on the poster art scene; his style and creativity unique and compelling. Kenneth renders all of his work by hand in a loose, flowing, colorful manner. He's an expert at both tone and shade, giving his work a powerful, almost mysterious feel to it. Kenneth and Joel are currently on a mission to create National Park poster art for every park in the nation! Kenneth's work makes fantastic wall art and is available as posters, prints, banners, notecards, postcards, or metal signs.

The Kiddy Korner Collection

Looking for special and heartwarming wall art to decorate a nursery or child's bedroom or playroom? The Kiddy Korner art collection features a colorful plethora of kid-friendly art and poster designs, from cute animals to vintage sports and fashion, ABCs to astronaut art.

Not only are these lovely and calming designs a great way to decorate, but they help get your child appreciating wall art at a young age! Order your favorites as prints, banners, canvases, metal signs, posters, notecards, or postcards.

Knoxville, Tennessee

We may be Nashvillians at heart, but we love all of the beautiful cities in the Volunteer State! Speaking of one such city, our artists and designers have taken several trips to Knoxville.

This collection features the artistic inspiration, poetic grace, and vintage designs that we've been compelled to create after visiting Tennessee's own Queen City of the Mountains.

The Lake and Lodge Collection

Outdoorsy and vintage-styled in every way, the Lake and Lodge Collection offers dozens of unique and original poster designs that would look great in the lake house, lodge, cabin, or cottage.

This collection reminds us of everything we love about a life spent outdoors, from cabins to canoes, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, skiing, horseback riding, sailing, hammock naps, and towing a camp trailer up a winding mountain two-lane. Enjoy!

Literary Classics

Classic literature is just as much about the illustrations and imagery as it is about the stories themselves, and we celebrate that imagery with our Literary Classics Collection.

This collection recognizes the treasured history of our literary classics by featuring our own renditions of famous book covers, each one hand-rendered in vintage poster art style. Decorate with the poster that best symbolizes your favorite story and let the world know you love the classics!

The Man Cave Collection

Every man needs his sanctuary, but it should also be well-decorated! Our poster artists at Anderson Design Group put together an entire poster art collection of man cave art, perfect for that rugged, manly space where every man can feel a little more at home.

With over 40 original posters all in all, you can choose the ones that suit your tastes best and custom-create the man cave that will have neighbors, pals, and other men jealous at firstsight!

The Mod Collection

An art style that is unique and special in many ways, our collections wouldn't be complete if we didn't tip our hats to mod art. Mod art flourished in the 1950s and 1960s, a special type of vintage poster art that stood out among the rest.

Ourselves custodians of vintage poster art and design, we've tried to create our art in every vintage style and sub-style that there is. The Mod Collection features over two-dozen designs that will make you feel as though you've stepped right back into the mid-20th century.

Political Pimp

Of all the things that we're not supposed to talk about in polite company, politics has got to be near the top of the list!

So, we decided to create political art instead! Our team here at Anderson Design Group would love to see the political climate turned down a few degrees, so we created a collection of politically-themed poster art that promotes just that. Enjoy!

Southern Delight

Our home has always been in the South, and though we've traveled far and wide, we've come to learn that there just ain't nothing like this neck of the woods! If you're from the South, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

This collection features much of the characteristics, slang, colloquialisms, and features of the South that we know and love. Check out the Southern Delight Collection for your favorite down-home drawl!

The Space Travel Collection

In the early and mid-1900s, as the space race came into full swing, the excitement over space travel brought on a whole new futuristic industry in art, designs, film-making, story-telling, literature, and more.

The Anderson Design Group Space Travel Collection seeks to celebrate the mid-20th century space art and space travel designs that were so popular back then. This artwork is a tipping of the hat to the vintage designs that inspired much of the excitement over space travel, perfect wall art for children's bedrooms, man caves, mod pads, playrooms, offices, and dens.

The Spirit of Nashville

One of our most popular collections, the Spirit of Nashville features some of the first poster art ever created by Anderson Design Group. This collection was initially begun as the artwork to a calendar, meant to feature some of our favorite places around Nashville.

We launched the promotional calendar back in 2003, and since then, the collection has grown to include hundreds of Music City designs! Better yet, we're still adding new art to the collection! The artwork contained in the Spirit of Nashville features the collaborative efforts of 17 ADG staff artists and contributors, each with their unique perspective of our fantastic home city. The collection is great for finding that one perfect design of your favorite Music City Moment!

Spirit of Nashville Hockey Fan Club

Our ADG family is one heck of a rabid group of hockey fans; boy let me tell you! We love our hometown hockey club, and we felt it was our civic duty to create a series of vintage designs that embody that team pride.

If you're a fellow Smashvillian, you'll love this collection! Show your Preds Pride with unique and original poster art that is stylish and funny!

The Uinta Collection

Did you know that Anderson Design Group has done a fair amount of illustration work for locally owned small businesses all across America?

The Uinta Collection features some of the work we've done for Uinta Brewing Company, a craft brewery based in Salt Lake City. These original designs are the perfect decor items for any beer lover or outdoor adventurer!

Vintage Ad Follies

Back in the day, advertising companies used to rely heavily on printed advertising to promote clients' products and services.

The Vintage Ad Follies collection is a throwback to those simpler days when you'd see a poster for a restaurant, and it would be a beautiful design created by a local artist. This collection features all-original works, but they sure do look like the advertisements, billboards, and signs of days long past!

The World Travel Collection

One of our most popular collections yet, the World Travel Collection represents our efforts to canvas the world and create poster art of all the beautiful places that make this planet unique.

Vintage travel posters from this collection are perfect for making a bucket list wall of all the places you'd like to travel to, or an achievements wall of all the places you've been!

Here's to a World of Poster Art!

With over 1,900 unique and original poster designs created within the past 13 years, and with our team on track to reach 2,000 posters by the end of 2020, we don't think we'll ever run out of poster ideas or artwork inspiration. There is simply too much beauty and artistic joy in this world!

We hope you've enjoyed this summary of the collections, and we hope you find a special piece of ADG art to grace your home or workplace!

Until next time,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff


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