ADG Employees Molly and Ally Explore the National Parks! - Part #1

ADG Employees Molly and Ally Explore the National Parks! - Part #1

In September of 2020, Anderson Design Group sent two employees on an adventure to see four National Parks. Their mission? Have fun, and come back with lots of reference photos and inspiration for new poster art!

The dynamic duo of traveling ADGers included:

- Molly Mann (Director of Social Media, Communications Expert, and Customer Service Mastermind/Guru).

- Ally Cizowski (Studio Store Manager, Order Processing Wizard, and Lighting-Fast, First-to-Answer-the-Office-Phone Speedster).

The first park on the adventure docket was Channel Islands National Park. Comprised of five stunning islands and famous for sightseeing and pristine locations like Inspiration Point and Arch Rock, the day trip to Channel Islands would prove to be the perfect start to an exciting and adventurous journey.

Why Channel Islands National Park?

When we asked the girls why they picked Channel Islands, the response was they were trying to fit as many National Parks into one journey as they could. They flew into LAX to begin their venture, and Channel Islands National Park was just a skip and a hop away. Plus, Channel Islands is not like most parks (and Molly and Ally's trip was not like most trips!) Channel Islands seemed like the perfect place to begin the journey.

Also, none of the Anderson Design Group artists had been to Channel Islands National Park yet, and our goal as a design, illustration, and poster art team is to visit every National Park that we create art of. What better way to find inspiration for the parks than to immerse ourselves in the parks themselves?

Highlights of Channel Islands - What Stood Out to Our Travelers

While Channel Islands National Park is beautiful from one corner to the other, there were a few features of the park that stood out above the rest:

- Molly loved Inspiration Point, a stunning, immersive point at the far end of one of the islands. Every National Park has its iconic, bucket list, must-see spot, and this was the one for Channel Islands!

- For Ally, Anacapa Lighthouse was an awe-inspiring feature. It stood out to her from the moment they approached the island. There was just something special about the almost eary magic of a lighthouse that operates, fully functional, entirely unmanned.

- Don't forget to check out Island Packers Cruises. According to Molly and Ally, this cruise line seemed to know the most about the islands, and they even took the girls around Anacapa Arch Rock to view it from an angle that most ferry services do not approach from.

- And the sea lions! Sea lions love to bask in the sun on the beaches and rock outcroppings of Channel Islands. The best time to see the beautiful creatures is midday, especially when the sun is out.


Tips from the Travelers - Channel Islands NP Must-Do's

When Molly and Ally got back from their adventure, we asked them to describe what tips and recommendations they had for each park they visited. Here's some great advice from the ladies, trusted info you won't get anywhere else but from explorers who've physically been to the park:

- Bring your bathing suit. There are many places to swim around the islands, though the water is quite cold, even during summer (the surface temperature of the water around Channel Islands rarely gets above 65°! Brrr!).

- Pack your lunch. There are no food facilities on the island (though there are bathrooms). So be sure to bring a lunch and lots of water.

- Wear sun protection. Molly and Ally recommend packing sunscreen, as there is very little natural shade on the islands. The climate is windy and arid, with lots of sun, and very warm. Plan for the elements to have the most fun possible!

Poster Art for Channel Islands National Park - What We've Created So Far

At the time of this writing, we've created three unique and original vintage poster designs for Channel Islands National Park. One depicts the famous Anacapa Arch Rock, a stunning, natural stone formation of an arched rock protruding from the ocean's surface. Hand-rendered in the fashion of vintage National Park art and travel art of the early and mid-20th century WPA-commissioned works, this artwork also features a pod of dolphins, native inhabitants of the park.

Our second Channel Islands National Park design was a collaboration project between ADG founder Joel Anderson and Colorado digital painter and designer Kenneth Crane. Vintage-styled and stunning in color and shade, this work depicts sea life and vegetation that can often be found in the park. 

The most recent design our poster artists created of Channel Islands National Park features the Anacapa Lighthouse. Constructed in 1912, the Anacapa Lighthouse was the last major light station built on the West Coast. Fully automated and unmanned, the lighthouse is completely functional and still serves to guide ships around the rocky shores of Channel Islands and beyond.

To learn more about Channel Islands National Park, you can always check out the National Park Service web page dedicated to this particular park. There you will find travel updates, safety advisories, weather reports, park rules, guidelines, travel tips, and other valuable tidbits. And to learn about important restoration and conservation work being done on the islands, be sure to visit Channel Islands Restoration.

Don't forget, Channel Islands National Park was just the first of four National Parks that Molly and Ally explored on their adventure, so be sure to check back next week for Part #2 of the series; Joshua Tree National Park!

Until next time,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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