The National Park Adventure Board Game - ADG's Newest Release!

The National Park Adventure Board Game - ADG's Newest Release!

Throughout the last few months of 2020, amid the holiday hustle and bustle, creating new poster designs, and a mad dash to fulfill online orders, a peek into the break room at the ADG Nashville art gallery and studio-store around noon on any weekday would have likely revealed several poster artists and employees pausing during their lunch break to play the National Park Adventure Board Game.

And after countless hours spent enjoying the game for ourselves, tweaking it, adjusting it, making notes and corrections, we finally finished the final touches on the game and are ready to release it to board game fans and National Park enthusiasts alike!

Keeping with the traditions of the best family board games, the new National Park Adventure Board Game by Anderson Design Group offers an opportunity for fun, engaging, educational, and memorable moments with the family. If you and your family members or friends love exploring nature, love the American National Parks, and enjoy wildlife, trivia, strategy, luck, and learning, you'll have a blast with this new board game!

Introducing Our Newest Release, the National Park Adventure Board Game

There are several board game enthusiasts on the ADG poster art team, so it was only a matter of time before someone had the great idea to make a National Parks board game. What else could be expected when poster artists, nature lovers, and board game enthusiasts get together on rainy, Sunday afternoons? As soon as someone said it out loud, we knew there was a good idea here, and so the concept for the National Park Adventure Board Game was born.

The new board game was a product of 2020, one of those great ideas that just happened to come to the forefront during months spent in quarantine. The idea was brought to fruition by collaborating with our friends over at AmericanFlat, themselves artists and designers who had great ideas on how to combine ADG vintage travel art and National Park art into a fun, unique, and memorable board game. The development team was: Joel Anderson (founder of Anderson Design Group,) Giorgio Piccoli (founder of AmericanFlat,) Kristy McGowan (a freelance game developer,) Lily Guseman, Nathan Anderson, and the ADG test team: Molly Mann, Ally Cizowski, Derek Anderson, Mimi Anderson, Benji Anderson, and Aaron Johnson. 

The National Park Adventure Board Game is one-of-a-kind and original, a game of strategy, luck, trivia, art, and fun! No other National Park board game is quite like this one, as this game is entirely a product of our own design. Ideally suited for ages seven and up and perfect for 2-6 players, the game offers a new and interesting way to learn about the National Parks.

Features of the National Park Board Game

Following are twelve fun facts about the newly released National Park Board Game:

- The NP game is ideal for family members ages seven and up.

- A minimum of two players is required, and the game is perfect for four to six players.

- Educational! This board game for the National Parks is a great way to learn about the parks.

- Combine adventure, learning, strategy, and fun while celebrating the National Parks.

- Entirely unique. There is no other wildlife board game quite like this one!

- From the playing cards to the art, the gameplay tiles and more, every aspect of the game features fun facts and educational tidbits about the American National Parks. 

- The National Park game comes complete with our ADG-designed game board, 62 park passes, 48 keeper cards, six player tokens, one six-sided die, rules sheet, and box.

- From the cards to the rules, the game board and box, everything features the original classic poster art of Anderson Design Group.

- The game is designed to offer two different playing modes, making it fun for children and adults alike!

- Matte laminated and foldable for easy storage, the National Parks game board is sturdy and will last for years to come. 

- The playing cards and keeper cards feature interesting trivia items and fun Q&As about the parks.

- A perfect gift for nature lovers, National Park explorers, and families!

Enjoying the National Parks from the Comfort of Your Living Room Floor

For all those bad-weather days or snowed-in weekends when a trip to the nearest National Park is inconceivable, the ADG National Park Adventure Board Game offers easy-to-set-up, easy-to-understand rules, quick-paced gameplay, and an excellent substitute for a trip to the parks themselves. The best National Parks game to hit the shelves yet, this game gives parents a perfect opportunity to get their kids interested in the National Parks and poster art, all at once. 

Turn off the smartphones, tablets, TV screens, and video games this weekend. Enjoy creating memorable moments with family and learning about the National Parks instead!

Happy board-gaming!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff 

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