ADG Introduces Home Accents Collection Featuring Original Art!

ADG Introduces Home Accents Collection Featuring Original Art!

So many of the original works and poster designs of Anderson Design Group inspire wanderlust for the great outdoors, American and World Travel, and the nostalgia of vintage art and travel art that promoted road trips and international adventures to Americans in the early-to-mid 1900s. From the Legends of the National Parks collection that wonders at the mysterious creatures who may live in the wilderness to the National Parks collection and its hundreds of original illustrations commemorating America’s best idea, ADG’s over 3,000 vintage-styled posters and designs provide a way to decorate one’s home or office in inspiring renditions of all the places one has been and would like to see.

Now, ADG is thrilled to introduce an entirely new line of products inspired by some of ADG’s most popular National Park posters and travel art.

Introducing the Home Accents Collection

Joel Anderson, ADG’s Founder and Creative Director, introduced the Home Accents collection in early November. He said:

“We are pleased to offer some of our most popular designs on stylish throw pillows and cozy blankets. In addition to decorating your walls with our prints, now you can add a touch of comfort and adventure to any room with our beautifully printed, high-quality accent pillows and blankets. Each pillow and plush blanket is printed and sewn to order. Every tapestry throw blanket is expertly woven just for you. Mix and match our collection of stylish home accents to commemorate your favorite adventures, and turn every room into a conversation piece!”

The Home Accents collection was inspired by a simple “Ah ha” moment that occurred here at ADG’s Nashville art studio…

Though there are a handful of national destinations one can still travel to from November through March, it goes without saying that much of the U.S. wilderness is inaccessible during winter. That’s why Anderson Design Group innovated the Home Accents collection, a brand-new product line of throw pillows, sherpa blankets, and woven throw blankets.

This way, National Park adventurers and travel enthusiasts can remember their favorite nature places while curled up on the couch or in bed, with a mug of cocoa in hand, excitedly planning the next season’s adventures.

National Park Throw Pillows

ADG’s new decorative National Park throw pillows will spice up any sofa, bed, or futon. The sturdy yet comfy outer cover is beautifully printed with one of our most popular original poster designs (full-color art on the front and classic black on the back).

The throw pillow has a hidden zipper at the bottom to remove the plush foam cushion to wash the pillow cover. Measuring 18” x 18”, this accent pillow is the perfect size for tossing anywhere you need a splash of color (it’s also the ideal shape and size for napping, watching nature documentaries, and the inevitable pillow fight).

Last but not least, these pillows are a great way to reminisce on a cherished trip out into the American wilderness and an equally great way to stay excited about the next trip!

National Park Sherpa Blankets

ADG’s new, super-plush, ultra-soft 60” x 80” National Parks blanket will keep you cozy and warm. Adorned with our most popular 63 National Park poster images, this unique accent blanket and National Park throw blanket will surely be a family favorite, no matter where you ‘throw’ it. In addition to adding a sense of adventure to any room, it is ideal as a cozy bedspread, couch potato warmer, or camping blanket.

Finally, we love that these blankets look great in any decor setting, from something to keep one warm at home or in the office to something to decorate the bedroom or living room.

National Park Woven Throw Blankets

ADG’s new, beautiful, tapestry-weave blankets are soft and stylish, featuring original illustrations and vintage-styled designs of America’s National Parks and natural wonders. This ample 60” x 80” woven throw blanket (the best National Park blanket on the market) will keep you cozy and warm as you reflect on your favorite National Park adventures.

Adorned with one of ADG’s most popular National Park poster images, this unique accent blanket will surely be a family heirloom from the moment it enters the home! In addition to adding a sense of style and adventure to any room, it is ideal as a bedspread, sofa throw, and an all-around mood enhancer. Finally, curling up with this blanket during winter is a great way to get inspired for the National Park adventures to come.

Stay Warm and Cozy this Winter Season with Anderson Design Group Home Accents!

As the warmer months fade and folks start spending more time indoors, woven blankets, sherpa blankets, and throw pillows from the Home Accents Collection are a great way to remember one’s love for the outdoors and to stay inspired for next year’s season of travel and adventure.

Stay cozy, y’all!

-Ren Brabenec
Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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