Autumn’s Artistry: Anderson Design Group’s Top Foliage-Inspired Prints

Autumn’s Artistry: Anderson Design Group’s Top Foliage-Inspired Prints

According to a survey published this year by CBS News, Americans overwhelmingly say fall is their preferred season. About 45% say fall is their favorite, almost double the next-highest ranking season (summer, at 24%).

In most parts of the U.S., fall is the shortest season on the calendar. Perhaps this season is so beloved because it is so brief. And throughout the short season, the few weeks of fall are blessed by some of the most beautiful landscapes the United States has to offer.

Anderson Design Group’s talented poster artists have their own love for the autumn season, so they created several fall-inspired prints and poster designs over the years. Fashioned after the vintage poster art of the 20th century, these original illustrations are a great way to keep fall alive in one’s home long after the season has passed.

Where is the Best Place to Find Fall Decor and Autumn Art?

Anderson Design Group has created over 3,000 original illustrations and poster designs, with renditions of fall colors, autumn paintings, tree decor, foliage art, wall decor of autumn trees, and fall artwork appearing in several poster art collections.

The best art collections for fall prints include the following:

American Travel

ADG’s collection of American travel art and poster art is the studio’s largest art collection yet, with 559 original illustrations and counting! In 2010, ADG began creating travel posters of beloved American cities and iconic destinations illustrated in the style of the Golden Age of Poster Art (early to mid-20th Century).

Since then, ADG’s award-winning poster artists and illustrators have created hundreds of designs celebrating the history and charm of America's most beloved cities, natural wonders, and destinations. Poster art enthusiasts can peruse this collection for a fall-themed rendition that catches their eye!

63 Illustrated National Parks

ADG’s most popular collection, the 63 Illustrated National Parks Collection, features over 300 original designs depicting all 63 American National Parks. Inspired by the iconic WPA-commissioned artwork of the early 1900s, this National Park poster series is meant to conjure nostalgia through design, to celebrate our American heritage and the gift of unbridled nature with pencil, brush, and stylus.

In a task that goes beyond the actual work itself in both meaning and enjoyment, the talented artists of Anderson Design Group are finishing what the WPA began, hand-illustrating original travel poster designs for all of the American National Parks (with new angles and perspectives added all the time).

Within this collection are several original illustrations of National Parks depicted in all their autumn glory. So whether folks are creating a bucket list or wanting to remember the family road trip of a lifetime, these handcrafted works by Anderson Design Group are perfect for any living or office space, rustic cabin, or uptown suite. To make decorating with autumn National Park art even more rewarding, customers should know that every year, Anderson Design Group donates a portion of its profits to the National Park Foundation, so purchases have a direct effect in helping to protect America's National Parks!

Lake & Lodge

Iconic fall foliage is often best enjoyed at the lake, in the cabin, out at the cottage, or tucked away in a quiet corner of a woodsy lodge. The Lake & Lodge Collection features several original illustrations, including a fall poster or two and room decor that will look perfect on any wall.

Several of the original renderings in the Lake & Lodge Collection were inspired by autumn outdoor activities, like hunting and fishing, hence the fall trees and tree art depicted in several posters, paintings, and illustrations. As the collection’s introduction says, “Grab the kiddos, take a hike, toast some s’mores, and when it finally gets too cold for the tent, hang a few memories on the wall. Perfect for decorating your lake house, lodge, or cabin, this collection of original, handcrafted art will make you feel like one happy camper.”

Vintage Ad Follies

The Vintage Ad Follies is an excellent salute to the iconic vintage poster art of the early-to-mid 20th century. While the illustrations featured in the art in this collection never actually existed before ADG created the posters in the 2000s and 2010s, several admirers have said they recognize the posters from their youth!

Within this collection are a few original posters and handcrafted illustrations that celebrate autumn on an iconic, vintage fall theme, including art of the fall harvest, apples, and pumpkins.

The Kai Carpenter Collection

For those who enjoy tree paintings, plant paintings, beautiful fall pictures, and outdoor fall decor, the Kai Carpenter Collection has several original oil paintings of autumn settings in the form of autumn paintings.

All of his lovely paintings are available as framed posters, prints, canvases, mini canvases, notecards, postcards, or metal signs.

Different Ways to Decorate with the Beauty of Art of Fall Leaves and Autumn Decor

ADG’s art looks good on any wall no matter the home design or style because ADG art is available as:

- Poster prints (Framed or unframed)
- Metal Signs (Awesome, rugged-looking)
- Canvases (Classy, vintage, iconic, and timeless)
- Mini Canvases (Perfect for small spaces, mantles, etc)
- Notecards (Ideal for writing a letter to a penpal or family member)
- Postcards (Mini “pocket posters,” these beauties also make great gifts)

The Product Page has information on all the different ways folks can decorate with ADG art.

Home Accents

ADG was thrilled to announce the release of an entirely new collection of art-inspired products… Home Accents! Joel Anderson, ADG Founder and Creative Director, introduced the new collection in early November by saying:

“We are pleased to offer some of our most popular designs on stylish throw pillows and cozy blankets. In addition to decorating your walls with our prints, now you can add a touch of comfort and adventure to any room with our beautifully printed, high-quality accent pillows and blankets. Each pillow and plush blanket are printed and sewn to order. Every tapestry throw blanket is expertly woven just for you. Mix and match our collection of stylish home accents to commemorate your favorite adventures, and turn every room into a conversation piece!”

As the warmer months fade and folks start spending more time indoors, curled up with a book and some coffee or tea, blankets and pillows from the Home Accents collection are a great way to remember one’s love for the outdoors and to stay inspired for the upcoming season of travel and adventure.

Here’s to a Warm, Relaxing, and Meaningful Shift to a New Season

American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne once said, “I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” We at Anderson Design Group couldn’t agree more, which is why we hope you made some great memories this autumn. And though the coming season may require a little more time spent indoors, at least we can enjoy our favorite season with vintage poster art.


-Ren Brabenec
Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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