Animal Lovers - Vintage Poster Art of Pups, Kitties, & All Our Favorite Critters

Animal Lovers - Vintage Poster Art of Pups, Kitties, & All Our Favorite Critters

If you love animals as we do, then the Animal Lovers vintage poster art collection is the collection for you. Inspired by Art Deco, mod art, and the vintage styles of the Golden Age of Illustration, this collection features over 70 original, handcrafted poster designs of cats, dogs, North American animals, and other favorite, furry friends.

Each poster depicts the hand-styled works and imaginations of Anderson Design Group's poster artists. Each poster design would look fantastic on any wall as a framed print, canvas, metal sign, banner, or retro-styled poster. Ideally suited as home decor or office decorations, the posters from this collection can represent your love for animals while also creating a warm, vintage-styled aura that improves the ambiance of any room.

Check out the Animal Lovers Collection, and read on to find out what inspired our local artists here at our Nashville art studio to create vintage poster art that celebrates the wilder side of life.

We Love Our Animals, Wild and Domestic!

At Anderson Design Group, much of the inspiration for the 62 American National Parks Collection comes from our visits to the parks. One of the benefits of traveling to different National Parks each year is that we get to come face to face with North America's cherished wildlife! And when you've seen these wild animals up close and in person, it gives you an appreciation for them, an appreciation unlike anything you can get just from seeing pictures or videos of such animals.

That's part of the reason why our Nashville art group donates a portion of our profits each year to the National Parks Foundation. When you buy our original artwork, your purchases help conserve the National Parks and all the fantastic creatures that live in them!

And that's just part of the inspiration behind the Animal Lovers collection. Our domestic animal friends also inspired the poster designs of this collection! Dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, zoo animals this collection serves to show our love and appreciation for the canines, felines, and other animals that share our homes, farms, and cities with us.

A Look at the Collection

The beauty of the Animal Lovers collection is that, not only is each poster created from the heart, from the artist's own, personal love for the animal being hand-drawn, painted, and lettered, but this collection also showcases our inspiration in vintage poster art, Art Deco, mod art, Golden Age of Illustration poster designs, and classic oil paintings.

- Vintage Poster Art. Much of the 70+ poster designs in the Animal Lovers collection are inspired by the vintage art styles of the early to mid-20th century. Vintage poster art features the best of early-1900's poster art, travel art, and ad posters. In fact, much of the art designs of the Animal Lovers collection was actually inspired by artwork of the early-1900s.

- Art Deco. Ah, Art Deco. One of our favorite art styles, Art Deco was the predominant decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco was characterized by precise, boldly delineated geometric shapes and lines, as well as powerful colors and sharp imagery. Art Deco can be found not only in the poster art, paintings, and sculptures of the early-1900s, but even buildings built in that era took inspiration from Art Deco (Empire State Building anyone?) The Animal Lovers collection has several poster designs which take inspiration from the magnificence of Art Deco.

- Mod Art. Mod art refers to the art style of the "Mod" subculture, i.e., the customs, fashions, dress, and personality of the beatnik culture in 1950s-era England and America. This art style took inspiration from pop art, Italian art films, and the bright, colorful, diverse, and sometimes moody and almost "trippy" art pieces created by young art students of the time. A few of the poster designs in the Animal Lovers collection takes inspiration from this unique era of youth-created art styles.

- Golden Age of Illustration. The Golden Age of Illustration refers to the art styles of the 1880s to the 1940s. This period marked an unprecedented shift in art, created in part by new methods of inexpensive art reproduction as well as massive demand for poster art (think the Works Progress Administration of the 1930s). The Golden Age of Illustration led to revolutionary changes in book and magazine illustration, as well as significant changes in poster art, advertisement art, and travel art. Since Anderson Design Group seeks to protect and conserve the art styles of the Golden Age of Illustration, several of the poster designs from the Animal Lovers collection feature the art styles of that era.

- Classic Oil Paintings. Anderson Design Group is proud to work with Kai Carpenter, a talented oil painter based out of Seattle, Washington. Dozens of Kai's oil paintings have been featured in ADG poster collections, including the Animal Lovers collection.

Different Ways to Order Your Favorite Poster Designs

Not only are several art styles featured in the Animal Lovers collection, but our Nashville art gallery offers several different ways that you can order your favorite poster design! We believe having options in design is critical for home decor and office decorations, so we provided the vintage art of all your favorite animals in seven different styles:

Art Prints. Our best-selling item, our art prints are created on gallery-grade, acid-free paper. Available in several size options and with custom framing also available, art prints are a great way to fill that blank space on your favorite wall.

Canvases. Archival inks, artist-grade cotton canvas, hand-stretched and produced to order, our canvases are the perfect addition to your home or office. Canvases are refined and elegant, timeless, always classy, and an excellent addition to any wall.

Canvas Banners. Canvas banners are a fresh, innovative way to display vintage poster art. Roll your favorite canvas-printed designs out, attach the secure TwoStick system to help the canvas hold its shape, and display the artwork with pride.

Framed Postcards. Want to decorate with your favorite vintage designs but don't have the wall space for it? Here's where framed postcards come in. These beauties are printed to order and placed in beautiful, dark brown wooden postcard frames. Perfect for any mantle, desk, dresser, or end table.

Metal Signs. Taking us right back to the era of rustic, retro metal shop signs, our ADG metal signs are the perfect decor option for indoor and outdoor settings! Select the size option of your choice and enjoy your own Animal Lovers design on a rustic, weather-proof, rust-resistant metal sign. These beauties are perfect for porches, decks, fences, shops, garages, or indoor settings that call for a more rustic and "wild" design style.

Notecards. Want to show your love for animals and send letters to your friends and family at the same time? Pick your favorite design from the Animal Lovers collection (or pick several favorites!) and order them in the form of notecards. Top-notch stationery, perfect as a thank you card or invite card, these beauties are printed on gallery-grade, acid-free paper. Furthermore, each notecard comes with a blank envelope. All that's needed is your message, an address, and a stamp!

Postcards. Now you can send postcards to your friends and family with your favorite art styles printed right on the card! Acid-free paper, state-of-the-art digital printing methods, and plenty of space for your message to your loved one, these cards are a great way to say "Hi!" the old-fashioned way.

We hope you enjoy our Animal Lovers art collection. We get a little warm and fuzzy every time we look over the vintage artwork in this collection, and we hope these poster designs have a similar effect on you. And don't forget, every time you make an art purchase, a portion of our profits go towards preserving and protecting the habitats of North America's wild critters!

Let's share the world with these beautiful creatures, and let's celebrate them with vintage poster art.

Until next time,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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