Raising a Glass to Vintage Poster Art with the Cheers to Us! Art Collection

Raising a Glass to Vintage Poster Art with the Cheers to Us! Art Collection

Let's raise a glass to vintage poster art! Pour yourself a cold glass of beer or pull the cork off a bottle of wine. And if you have a mini-bar, home bar, man cave, or wine cellar dedicated to your favorite beverages, boy do we have something for you! Our artists have created the perfect artwork for you to decorate that cellar or bar with! Whether your fancy is beer, wine, or something a little stronger, Anderson Design Group has you covered when you're thinking about adding a little aesthetic decor to your mini-bar, man cave, office, study, den, or wine cellar.

For beer nerds, sommeliers, and enjoyers of the most exceptional adult beverages available, the Cheers to Us! collection is the perfect collection for you.

Introducing the Cheers to Us! Collection

The Cheers to Us! collection was inspired by our love for a good cold one or a fine glass of red. And we knew there were plenty of wine enthusiasts and beer lovers here in Nashville. We had a pretty good idea that if we started making vintage poster art for our fellow connoisseurs here in town, there would definitely be a market for our handcrafted art!

So we launched the collection, and sure enough, it became a hit. And not just for our local Nashville friends either. We brought the collection out into our Nashville art studio, but we also started selling beer and wine art prints, posters, hand-stretched canvases, metal signs, and canvas banners online. 

Beer, Wine, and a Little Sense of Humor

We add a new "beer-styled," or "wine-inspired" poster to our Cheers to Us! collection regularly, to the point where we have about 40 vintage posters in the collection right now. And while there's nothing as good as a fresh pour of your favorite glass of beer or wine, if we can sprinkle a little humor in as well, why not? That's why many of these posters have funny little catchphrases or sayings on them. Some of these include:

- "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder"

- "Don't Worry. Be Hoppy."

- "I am Woman. Hear Me Pour."

- "I Could be a Morning Person... If My Coffee Maker Could Brew Wine."

- "Trust Me. You're an Excellent Dancer. -Wine"

- "Wine Flies When You're Having Fun."

Our Cheers to Us! collection offers classic poster art, excellent wall decor pieces for your kitchen, porch, break room or dining room, and it does so with witty expressions and sayings. 

Beer and Wine Wall Art for Your Commercial Establishment

Lots of wine enthusiasts and beer lovers decorate their mini-bars, dining rooms, kitchens, and wine cellars with original posters from our Cheers to Us! collection. But we also have restaurateurs come to us and order prints, canvases, banners, and metal signs. What better way to decorate a classy establishment than with vintage wine art or retro beer posters? From dive bars to 5-star kitchens, our artwork fits in with other decor and helps brings any restaurant or bar together!

Another reason why restaurateurs and bar owners come to us for their decorations is because our artwork is affordable. We only collaborate with local artists and American suppliers, so everything we create is handmade and sourced from U.S.-based companies. That helps us keep our costs down, which in turn allows us to offer fantastic vintage beer designs and wine art for as low as $14.99!

Anderson Design Group Vintage Poster Art

Each vintage poster in the Cheers to Us! collection was handcrafted by our artists right here at our Nashville art gallery. Retro artwork and classic designs are our calling card, as we love and admire the art styles of the early and mid-20th century. We render all of our poster designs by hand, using nothing but brushes, styluses, and pencils. Then we use high-tech 9-color printing technology to produce fantastic gallery-grade prints in several styles and formats.

We can also have our designs made into hand-stretched canvases, retro metal signs, canvas banners, notecards, or postcards. That gives you plenty of style ideas and options for how you want to "get classy" with your wine cellar or home bar! And with 40 individual poster designs to choose from, whether you favor vintage art, art deco, mod art, or Golden Age of Illustration designs, you're sure to find something here that suits your palate!

Placing an Order for Vintage Poster Art

Our goal with the Cheers to Us! collection is to offer affordable vintage poster art to anyone who wanted to show their love and appreciation for a glass of the good stuff. And since we know that our wine lovers and beer connoisseurs have an eye for the details, we wanted to provide as many options as possible in how you'll receive your artwork.

Here's a look at the different ways you can order your favorite designs! (All measurements are in inches).

Wine & Beer Prints - $16.99 for an 8x10 print to $149.99 for a 36x48 print. (Custom framing options available).

Wine & Beer Canvases - $89.99 for a 12x16 canvas to $299.99 for a 30x40 canvas.

Beer & Wine Metal Signs - $39.99 for a 9x12 sign to $79.99 for an 18x24 sign.

Beer & Wine Notecards - $16.99 for 8 notecards to $224.99 for 240 notecards. (Build-your-own notecard sets available!)

Wine & Beer Postcards - $14.99 for 8 postcards to $144.99 for 240 postcards. (Build-your-own postcard sets available!)

Beer & Wine Framed Postcards - $44.99 for a framed postcard of your choosing!

Beer & Wine Canvas Banners - $49.99 for an 11x14 banner to $249.99 for a 36x48 banner.

No matter your fancy or taste when it comes to beer, wine, or vintage poster art, we have something for you at Anderson Design Group! Scroll through our website to find your favorite designs, or see us in person at our studio.

Signing off for now, time to grab a cold one of my own!

- Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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