Celebrating Summer with the Coastal Collection!

Celebrating Summer with the Coastal Collection!

Ah, summer. A favorite season for many, summer comes with much anticipated vacation time, kids out of school, fantastic weather conditions, sunshine, and perfect beach days! America's many beaches and coastlines fill up during June, July, and August as locals and visitors alike flock to the beach.

A summertime trip to the beach is a favorite American pastime, and our team here at Anderson Design Group observes that tradition with pride. In fact, the Anderson family just returned from a trip to Destin, Florida after a wonderful week in the sun and sand!

The Coastal Collection - Our Ode to the Beauty of America's Coasts

Returning from the Destin beach house, thoughts of the crashing waves, warm air, endless sun, and beach-side cuisine are definitely fresh in the mind and the heart. It's times like these when we're reminded of the Coastal Collection, a vintage poster art collection created by the talented poster artists here at Anderson Design Group. This collection commemorates everything we love so much about America's beautiful coasts and the feelings, nostalgia, and pleasant emotions that those coasts bring out in us.

Joel Anderson and his team of artists and creatives launched the Coastal Collection primarily for this reason: Joel realized we can't always be at the beach (even if we want to be!) The solution? Create stunning, original poster art of America's magnificent coasts and all the scenery, settings, wildlife, landmarks, destinations, and fun, beach-side activities that go with coastal environments. With 76 unique designs to choose from (and with more being added each month!), the artwork from this collection is sure to brighten your home or office and make you feel like you're at the beach.

If you can't spend every day at the beach, why not bring the beach to you? That's the beauty of the Coastal Collection!

Decorate in a Style that Fits Your Home or Office!

At Anderson Design Group, we truly believe that variety is the spice of life. Vintage poster art feels at place in any decor situation, but we offer each one of our designs in a variety of styles to truly maximize decoration potential. Here's a little bit of information about our art styles and where to find each on our website. The Coastal Collection is available as:

Art Prints. For that genuine, retro poster feel, you can't go wrong with our ADG art prints. These beauties are available in 8x10, 11x14, 18x24, 30x40, and 36x48 (all dimensions measured in inches). Check out the full line of Coastal Collection designs in art print format to find the perfect, dreamy, sun-kissed poster art for your home! (And don't forget, all of our art prints also have a framing option! Just pick your print, select your preferred frame, and our friends at Belle Meade Framers will put your print in a beautiful frame and send it your way!)


Canvases. Classy, refined, and elegant, nothing says "vintage art" like a premium, gallery-wrapped canvas print. Canvas art is one of the longest-lasting art traditions, and we honor that tradition here at ADG. Interested in decorating with sand-filled, sun-painted canvas poster art? Our canvas prints for the Coastal Collection will be perfect for meeting your decor needs. Size options include 12x16, 18x24, 24x32, and 30x40.

Metal Signs. Durable, rugged, and retro, our metal signs are a great way to decorate with vintage art indoors AND outdoors! Printed with waterproof inks on rust-resistant tin, the Coastal Collection looks fantastic on these metallic beauties. Perfect for decorating a porch, deck, gazebo, or outdoor dining area, ADG metal signs are available in 9x12, 12x16, and 18x24.

Notecards. Are you a fan of the beach, warm air, sunshine, yellow sand, and deep blue water? All 76 of our original Coastal Collection designs are available as notecards! Notecards measure 4.5x6 inches folded, 9x6 inches opened. Each notecard comes with its own envelope, enabling you to write letters to friends and share your love for the ocean and the beauty of our many coasts. Notecards also make great wedding invitations, table placements, mantle decor, and love letters.

Postcards. Pocket-sized posters, anyone? That's what we call our ADG postcards! Whether you are short on wall space or you want to make an affordable wall collage of all your favorite coastal designs, each of our Coastal Collection postcards makes for great correspondence items with pen pals. Postcards also make great "Wish you were here" letters, invitations for birthdays, anniversaries, or wedding invites, reception place-makers, etc.

Framed Postcards. Short on wall space but still want to bring the beach home with you and decorate with sunshine and sand? We created a unique postcard frame, enabling you to decorate with mini versions of all our vintage poster art. Measuring 5.75x7.25 inches, these delightful minis can be hung from a wall thanks to the sawtooth hanger, or use the attached easel to stand the framed postcard up on a mantle, console table, or dresser.

Canvas Banners. Archival inks printed on artist-grade canvas material, our canvas banners are an aesthetic and clever way to decorate a space both quickly and affordably. Easy to assemble and hang, these lovelies offer canvas poster art without the price tag usually associated with vintage canvas art. Size options (all in inches) include: 11x12, 18x24, 24x32, 30x40, and 36x48.


Enjoying Our American Coasts from the Comfort of Your Home

From the Hawaiian Islands to the California coast, Florida, the Atlantic seaboard, and all the fun, coast-like wonders that go along with these beach-side beauties, the Coastal Collection is a fantastic way to celebrate the sun, sand, and sea even when you can't be at the coast.

Perfect for anything from a beach bungalow to an urban apartment, suburban home, or skyscraper office building, the Anderson Design Group Coastal Collection is guaranteed to give you that special toes-in-sand, salty-air, sun-kissed-skin, and sound-of-waves feeling every time you look at these vintage art beauties. 

Until next time, I'm off to throw a towel down in the sand and listen to the waves!

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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