Metal Signs - Retro Art Decor for Outdoor Applications

Metal Signs - Retro Art Decor for Outdoor Applications

Do you have an outdoor space that you've wished you could decorate with stylish artwork? Have you had a difficult time finding art that could be used in an outdoor application? Boy, do we have a fun solution for you!

Vintage travel art and vintage National Park art should be enjoyed in any environment, including the outdoors! We're happy to offer metal signs for this exact purpose, the beauty and the timeless nostalgia of our vintage poster art printed on sturdy, durable, rust-resistant, weatherproof metal.

Vintage Poster Art on Metal Signs

A few years back, our creatives at Anderson Design Group introduced our metal sign product line, a new way of displaying ADG poster art. Our metal signs are printed with high-quality weatherproof inks on a special rust-resistant tin. We've also made sure a hole has been drilled in each corner to make hanging the sign super easy!

Thanks to our metal sign product line, you can now choose from any of our 1,800+ poster designs and order your favorite artwork in the form of a robust, rain-proof, weather-proof, freeze-proof, and humid-proof metal sign. 

Our metal signs celebrate the vintage poster art and retro travel art of the mid-20th century. Each design is an original ADG creation, but they look like something out of a 1950's shop window or vintage travel ad.

We offer our vintage-styled metal signs in three size options, 9"x12", 12"x16", and 18"x24".

You will absolutely love your retro metal sign art, whether you choose a National Park art piece, an American Travel art piece, a World Travel piece, or a design from any of our other collections. All of our artwork looks fantastic on metal signs!

Note: While our signs are coated with a special UV laminate and can be hung anywhere outside, we recommend hanging them somewhere out of direct sunlight (to prevent fading).

Metal Emblem Signs - Our Love for the National Parks and the U.S. States Shown in Retro Art Decor

Our metal emblem signs don't mess around. These beauties are made from heavy-gauge steel and coated with a rust-resistant primer and a UV laminate to prevent sun-fading. (With that being said though, please don't place these in direct sunlight. We want you to cherish your emblem signs forever.)

The emblem signs receive a rust-resistant primer; and then a powerful, colorful ink print over a premium metal substrate. Then the image is layered over with a UV coating for extra protection. No amount of rain, wind, humidity, or dryness will harm these toughies. Each emblem sign measures 10" tall x 9" wide.

The National Parks Metal Emblem Signs feature over 60 individual and unique depictions of the National Parks, giving you a wide variety of emblems to choose from.

The State Pride Metal Emblem Signs feature 50 individual depictions of the United States, one sign for each state. Pick your home state or the state you live in now and show your state pride with, well, pride!

Ideas for Decorating with Metal Signs

We've seen so many fresh and creative ways that folks have decorated with our signs that we thought we'd share some here.

Looking for ideas on where to hang your new metal sign? Why not try any of the following:

What's a porch without some pizazz? Porches are probably the most common location our customers hang their metal signs. Porches usually offer plenty of protection from the sun, and porches always look better with some art!

"Deck" the deck out with vintage poster art! Do you have a deck with an awning, pergola, or plenty of shade from nearby trees? As long as you make sure your sign is not hung in direct sunlight, a deck can be an excellent place for some retro artwork!

Beef up the barn with poster art! A barn, shop, garage, or shed is usually a bit more on the rustic side than one's home, which makes such locations perfect for metal sign decor. And since metal signs can take a little roughness, they are a great way to toss some vintage art and a retro color palette on the wall!

Fanciful fence decor! One of our customers even decorated their yard fence with metal signs! It made all the difference, and it was a cool idea. No more boring fence thanks to ADG poster art in metal sign format!

Outdoor dining was never more elegant! Some folks have beautiful outdoor dining spaces, patios, grills, outdoor kitchenettes, the works. But people sometimes struggle with finding appropriate, weather-resistant decor for such spaces. That's why our customers have taken to decorating their outdoor dining area with our rust-resistant, durable metal signs!

Vintage Poster Art - Indoors and Outdoors

Thanks to the ADG metal signs and metal emblem signs, you can now decorate indoors and outdoors with all of the vintage poster art that you want. Here's to happy summer decorating and many more to come.

Until next time,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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