Celebrating Valentine's Day with Vintage Poster Art

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Vintage Poster Art

"Enjoy the present, bid defiance to the future, laugh at all those reasonable beings who exercise their reason to avoid misfortunes which they fear, destroying at the same time the pleasure that they might enjoy." -Giacomo Casanova

Spoken like the true romantic that he was, Casanova reminds us of the importance of living in the moment, of enjoying life to the fullest, and of loving with all our hearts. At Anderson Design Group, we introduced our From the Heart collection to give art enthusiasts a means of showing their love for each other in the form of vintage poster art. And with it being February, the month of love and affection, these classic designs and retro illustrations can serve as the perfect gift for your special someone.

The Anderson Design Group From the Heart collection features two-dozen original, handcrafted vintage posters. Each poster depicts unique illustrations of couples in love, of engagements, wedding proposals, couples dancing, loving slogans, etc. The collection also includes more than a dozen vintage oil paintings by our artist-collaborator, Kai Carpenter. Each Kai Carpenter painting features a couple in love in a different part of the world, from Venice to Miami, Seattle to New York, Florence to Havana, and more.

Inspiration Behind the From the Heart Collection

To be an artist is also to be something of a romantic. What is art, but the romance between an artist and his medium? What is art, but the romance of an artist's imagination? What is art, but the romance of an artist's passion for the arts?

Art is love in a way. It's the human method of showing appreciation and love for all of the beautiful and great things in the world. If there's an emotion in life, it can be conveyed in art. If there's a feeling in our hearts, it can be expressed in art.

The inherent connection between art and love is what inspired our artists at Anderson Design Group to create our From the Heart collection. Plus, given that we are located right here in the heart of Music City at our local, Nashville art studio, and given that Nashville is absolutely a City of Love, we felt that a romantic art collection would be the perfect addition to our local art gallery.

Art is one of the best gifts that we can give our loved ones. That was also a part of our inspiration behind the From the Heart collection. What better way to show your affection for someone than with classic, vintage poster art, handpicked just for them?

A Look at the Collection

From the Heart currently has two dozen vintage poster designs in it. These designs feature our own, retro, hand-styled poster art, a tribute to the vintage travel posters and vintage ad art of the early-20th century.

Much of the From the Heart collection is crafted after the Golden Age of Illustration, the period of the early to mid-1900s when poster art was a significant part of the art movement of the time. Several of the posters in this collection also take inspiration from the artwork of the WPA, the Works Progress Administration of the 1930s.

From the Heart also features the vintage oil paintings of the incredibly talented Kai Carpenter. Kai Carpenter is a Seattle-based artist who collaborates on art projects with Anderson Design Group. Kai is known for his romantic paintings, his travel art, and his bold colors and defined imagery.

If you're looking for romantic artwork that shows your special someone how you feel, find it in our From the Heart collection!

From the Heart Vintage Art in Your Home

What better way to decorate than with warm, loving, comforting vintage poster art? Not only does From the Heart serve as a great source of vintage art gift ideas, but From the Heart also makes for perfect home decor.

When our customers decorate with From the Heart posters and illustrations, they are creating a home that says, "Come on in, you're welcome here. You will be loved here. Good people live here." Who doesn't want their home to be cozy, welcoming, and pleasant?

Ordering Vintage Poster Art

At Anderson Design Group, we offer our poster art in a variety of ways. We believe that variety is essential in home decor, and we want our customers to have plenty of choices in how they order their vintage poster art from us. If you spot a retro design or a classic rendition in the From the Heart collection that you like, but you're not sure which product type to choose, check out this quick guide on our products:

Art Prints. Art prints are our most popular art item, and these beauties look great with our From the Heart designs printed on them. Art prints work with just about any style of home, and we have print options in a variety of sizes, from 8x10 inch prints up to 36x48 inch prints.

Canvases. Ah, canvases. The creme de la creme of poster art. Our premium, hand-stretched canvases put the "fine" in "fine art." We work with a fantastic, American based company to create amazing, high-quality, detailed canvases. For a more "classical" touch with your From the Heart poster choice, go with the canvas option. Sizes range from 12x16 inches to 30x40 inches.

Metal Signs. Our metal sign art embodies the "rugged and retro" look. Metal signs are perfect for garages, workshops, outdoor areas, fences, man caves, offices, dens, and home styles that have a more wild, outdoorsy appeal. Size options range from 9x12 inches to 18x24 inches.

Notecards. Want to write a special message to your loved one on a From the Heart poster? Our notecards are the choice for you. Each notecard comes with a blank white envelope, and the notecards themselves are printed on premium card stock. Notecards measure 4.5x6 inches when folded.

Postcards. Letters by mail are some of the most romantic love notes of them all, so why not send out a romantic postcard of your choosing from the From the Heart collection? Each postcard is printed on durable, quality card stock, sure to arrive at its destination in great shape and ready to amaze. Postcards measure 4.5x6 inches.

Framed Postcards. Low on wall space but still want to show your loved one how you feel with romantic vintage art? Framed postcards might be the best choice for you. You can pick your favorite postcard, and we'll put it in a beautiful, hand-made frame and send it to you. An excellent decor item for the mantle, desk, or dresser.

Canvas Banners. Canvas banners are a fantastic middle ground between art prints and canvases. Refined, elegant, highly-detailed, classy, and unique, canvas banners embody a retro, vintage feel while still bringing forth some of that high-class beauty that only a canvas is able to convey. Size options range from 11x14 inches to 36x48 inches.

We love the romance and the excitement that comes with February and with springtime in general. We can already hear the springtime birds chirping. We can already see the days getting longer, and we can practically smell the daffodils starting to creep up out of the earth here in Nashville. The season of love is upon us, and we hope you'll enjoy it with vintage poster art!

Until next time, may love fill your heart and guide your soul,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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