Five Ways to Make the Most of Social Distancing

Five Ways to Make the Most of Social Distancing

These are funky times we're living in right now—but we are working hard to make the best of the circumstances (to put a lime twist in this Corona thing.) It's important to look for the silver lining, whenever possible, to do the next right thing— to be generous, honorable, and self-sacrificial. When we practice social distancing, when we stay at home and self-quarantine, we're decreasing the burden on our medical experts and public health personnel. When we stay away from other people, we're helping to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

BTW, we used some of our down time to crate these 2 public service posters. The bear design was done by staff artist Aaron Johnson, and the hand-washing design was done by staff artist Derek Anderson.

Without a doubt, there is value in social distancing. It's our best way of reducing the effects of a global pandemic. But we also can't deny that forcing ourselves to stay in our homes and maintain a distance from other people (even our relatives) is a very real sacrifice. How can we make the most of this pandemic? How can we practice social distance and make it fun, entertaining, and even educational? How can we stay healthy and energized, but also be peaceful and mindful during the next week(s) of quarantine?

The Anderson Design Group team, artists and dreamers to the core, has created lots of fun products and toys that were inspired by art and which also happen to be perfect for days spent at home.

Here are five ways you can support a local business, practice social distancing, and enjoy quality time with your family!

1). Jigsaw Puzzles - A Fun Afternoon Activity

Jigsaw puzzles have been a timeless American tradition since their invention in 1767. Jigsaw puzzles were intended as an educational toy, and Anderson Design Group has partnered with some excellent puzzle companies to put our art on high-quality puzzles. Youngsters and adults alike can learn more about the National Parks thanks to these puzzles. And each completed jigsaw puzzle can foster a deeper appreciation for our valuable public lands.

Partnering with True South Puzzle Co., ADG put its poster designs onto 500-piece puzzles (measuring 18"x24" when finished.) We also have a limited supply of 1,000-piece puzzles (measuring 19.25"x26.62" when finished). ADG offers 23 different deluxe puzzles. Collect for faves to give you and your family members endless hours of challenging and rewarding fun!

2). Playing Cards - Card Games to Add Laughter to the Home

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of different types of games you can play with something as simple as a deck of cards. To celebrate yet another American tradition, Anderson Design Group created five unique sets of designer playing cards.

These are regulation playing cards, each deck featuring 15 different poster designs from our 62 American National Parks Collection and our Spirit of Nashville Collection. The cards measure 2.5" wide by 3.5" tall. What better way to spend one's time at home than to play a game of Go Fish with the family?

3). Stickers - Endless Hours of Decorative Fun with ADG's Custom Stickers!

Are you ever really too old for stickers? We certainly don't think so! And if you're practicing social distancing, why not decorate your car, camper, cooler, guitar, laptop, notebook, mirror, luggage, thermos, or cell phone case with high-quality vinyl stickers?

To further show our appreciation for the National Parks, our ADG art team partnered with Retro Planet to launch three unique National Park sticker sets. We also recently released a fun sticker map. The 61 National Parks Sticker Map is a great way to plan out your next trip to your favorite National Park!

We also created a State Pride 50-Piece Sticker Set. Decorate your refrigerator or computer with a sticker every time you visit a new state!

4). Books & Journals - Make Social Distancing a Breeze with a Good Read!

We can't think of a better way to self-quarantine than with a good book. Being that we are book nerds ourselves, the ADG team has had a fantastic time writing and illustrating several books over the years. First we published our popular 61 National Parks Coffee Table Book. And then we created the 61 National Parks Coloring Book for the kids (and kids at heart!)

We also wrote an exclusive Illustrated Guide to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Then we researched, illustrated, and compiled a National Park Adventure Guide Book, a must-have pocketbook for when you're venturing into any of the 62 National Parks. We even made a National Parks Journal, perfect for recording your experiences, thoughts, discoveries, and more.

Being that we are born and bred "Nashvillians," our Nashville art team also put together a Spirit of Nashville Coffee Table Book, an excellent text that celebrates everything we love about Music City.

And don't forget, when you buy a book from Anderson Design Group, you're supporting local small businesses! Our books are written, illustrated, printed, and bound right here in the United States.

5). Decorating with Vintage Poster Art

Last but not least, what better way to spend a quarantine period than to decorate your home with vintage poster art? A lot of people are busy spending their social distancing time deep-cleaning their homes, and we think that's a fantastic idea. (Besides, isn't it time for Spring Cleaning anyway?) But when the cleaning is done and the last surface has been scrubbed, why not look to the walls and show them a little love?

Vintage poster art always seems to lift the spirits. There's just something about the traditions of travel art, National Park art, and the older WPA-era poster art. These were the art styles that got America through the Great Depression and World War II. The Golden Age of travel poster art helped Americans in times of crisis back then, and it can do the same today.

Anderson Design Group's in-house art team has hand-rendered more than 1,800 unique and emotive designs over the past 13 years. You can find these vintage-styled illustrations in our art collections. We created collections for National Park art, World Travel art, American Travel art, mod art, vintage ad art, Nashville poster art, and more.

Help Support Small Businesses and Practice Social Distancing at the Same Time!

Here at Anderson Design Group, we offer fun puzzles, coloring books, National Park books, playing cards, stickers, and more. You can help support a local small business and stay at home by putting together a puzzle with the kids, reading a National Park book, or playing a game of cards.

The effects of COVID-19 are hitting us close to home. Our family is safe and healthy, but as we are a small, family-owned business, the economic side-effects of the global pandemic are definitely being felt, (and not just by us, but by all of our neighboring small businesses). And though our local Nashville art studio is closed to encourage social distancing, we're still shipping your online orders!

This is an unusual, unprecedented time, and we encourage folks to continue supporting local businesses and small, family-run enterprises. We know we'll get through this, but we'll get through it best if we all work together.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. Let us know if you have a special request, or if you know of a small business that you'd like us to give a shout out to over social media. We can be reached at (615) 327-9894. Or send an email to, and we'll write you back.

Thinking of you in these troubling times,

-The Anderson Design Group Team

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