French Artist Draws on Inspiration from ADG Poster Art for New Vineyard Mural

French Artist Draws on Inspiration from ADG Poster Art for New Vineyard Mural

The creation of beautiful art is a shared, group experience. While brilliant artists create stunning works and are duly remembered for it, we believe there is no such thing as a "self-made" artist. That's because art is inspiration. Every artist draws inspiration from their study of other artists, various art styles, and the artistic traditions handed down from one generation to the next. 

At Anderson Design Group, we draw much of our inspiration and artistic drive from 20th-century vintage poster art, travel art, original National Park art, retro designs, and art prints. There's no doubt about it, the Golden Age of Poster Art and Illustration gets us all doe-eyed and dreamy. That's why we've dedicated our poster art collections to preserving and continuing that tradition.

Our studio's Founder and Creative Director, Joel Anderson, put it best. In his words:

"As artists and craftspeople, we are passionate about preserving the time-honored traditions and techniques of artists and print-makers from the 20th Century. We pick up where masters from the Golden Age of Illustration left off, building on what they began to create a whole new body of poster art for our generation."

So it goes without saying that when an artist in France reached out for permission to use one of our illustrations as inspiration for a mural, we were excited and honored!

A Vineyard, A Community Non-Profit, An Escape Game, and an ADG-Inspired Mural

It all started with Carine, an artist partnered with Vignoble Malidain, a vineyard located in La Limouziniere, France. Carine was searching online for inspiration for a mural. The vineyard, which also works with a non-profit organization, wanted to create a mural to decorate their new escape game, themed on wine and art!

The goal of the non-profit is to encourage French citizens and tourists alike to discover urban arts and graffiti, especially in small towns and rural areas (like La Limouziniere). The non-profit organizes visits to local places where art is displayed; then the non-profit runs participatory workshops and games to support local institutions and businesses (like Vignoble Malidain).

Mixing Wine with Escape Games and Mural Art

Artists like Carine had already painted wine barrels for the opening of a wine shop for one of the members of the non-profit. The owner of the barrels, a winegrower from the region, liked the artwork and asked the non-profit to create a decorative painting on the door of his wine cellar so he could launch an escape/treasure hunt game with a wine theme.

Carine was tasked with creating the mural, and after finding ADG's My Doctor Says I Need Glasses vintage wine poster online, Carine contacted us for permission to use our design in the mural! We were humbled and excited, especially considering Joel's wife Patty (our finance expert, personal chef, and all-around organizer) was born and raised in France! Further, much of our poster art from the Cheers to Us! Collection and the World Travel Collection was inspired by the French countryside, vineyards, towns, and artistic traditions.

We interviewed Carine, and the following is a brief excerpt from that interview:

ADG: "What gave you the idea to use this image for your mural?"

Carine: "I love to paint characters with captivating looks/eyes, I like to reproduce illustrations with flat tint. While searching on the web for inspiration on the theme of wine, I found your illustration which I really like and which totally corresponded to my expectations. Besides being beautiful and funny, it represented the escape game well because the glasses can be used as a magnifying glass to find clues and it shows the large range of wine of the producer (red, white, rosé)."

Poster Art Near and Far

Anderson Design Group vintage art, National Park posters, travel art, and retro-styled designs can be found on all continents except Antarctica, in dozens of countries, hundreds of cities, thousands of homes and businesses, and even in national embassies and consulates!

And while seeing our work displayed in all corners of the world is rewarding and humbling, it's perhaps even more so when an artist from a faraway land reaches out for permission to use our work as inspiration for new art and designs. That's what keeps the art tradition moving forward, generation to generation.

Excuse us while we wipe away a tear of happiness and get back to work on our next series of poster art!

Until next time,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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