Vintage Poster Art from ADG Artist Collaborators

Vintage Poster Art from ADG Artist Collaborators

Anderson Design Group is proud to collaborate with unique artistic talent all across the nation. From Savannah to Seattle, Upstate New York to the Colorado Rockies, ADG's artist collaborators are spread far and wide, each drawing from diverse backgrounds in design, illustration, painting, and drawing.

We thought we'd take a moment to introduce our artist collaborators. We hope you enjoy their work as much as we have!

Kai Carpenter

Anderson Design Group founder Joel Anderson has a unique artistic partnership with illustrator Kai Carpenter. A few years back, when we decided to branch out and work with artists who share our love for vintage art, travel art, and Golden Age of Illustration design, Kai was the first artist who came aboard.

Even though Joel and Kai only see each other a few times a year, their ongoing long-distance collaboration continues to produce an incredible body of poster art. Joel, as the poster art designer and creative director in Nashville, and Kai, as the oil painter based in Seattle, are both fans of early 20th-century posters, National Park art, vintage art, oil paintings, and magazine art. They enjoy working together to create beautiful handcrafted images inspired by the Golden Age of Illustration.

The Kai Carpenter Collection features over 120 original oil paintings celebrating America’s National Parks, world travel, American travel, romance, literary classics, and fantasy creatures.

Kenneth Crane

As soon as we saw his work for the first time, we knew it. Kenneth Crane is a bright new star on the poster art scene. Kenneth earned degrees in graphic design and illustration while focusing on minimalist shapes of light and color.

Using a dry-brush digital sketching technique, Kenneth creates beautifully fluid and emotive illustrated poster art in a loose, hand-rendered style. Anderson Design Group founder Joel Anderson discovered Kenneth's artwork in 2019, and the two have since worked together to create a brand new National Parks series. This series now features a unique design for each National Park!

As a Colorado native, Kenneth's excursions into the surrounding scenic parks continue to fuel his imagination for art and his love for the American landscape.

David Owens

David Owns is an artist who shares ADG founder Joel Anderson's passion for classic illustration and travel poster art. In 2020, Joel and David decided to work together to create a series of travel-themed art inspired by vintage posters and magazine cover illustrations from the mid-to-late-20th-Century.

With over 30 original illustrations (and counting), the David Owens Collection offers a fresh interpretation of the iconic scenery that we love to celebrate in our travel art and vintage National Park art.

David's digital painting technique adds energy, movement, and an adventurous feel to each of his unique creations. His passion for art and the outdoors is evident in his loose, painterly renditions and emotive designs.

Arden von Haeger

One of the more recent artists that Anderson Design Group has collaborated with is master pastel artist Arden von Haeger. Arden and ADG founder Joel are working on a special series of original illustrated travel posters, beginning with renditions of America’s Best Idea, the National Parks.

Arden's classic hand-rendered illustration style conveys grandeur, romance, and nuance. His inventive use of color and his unique Art Deco styling deliver a delightful new take on some of America's most iconic destinations.

Celebrating Arches National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and others to come, Arden’s artwork will make a beautiful gift or a unique decor accent for your home or office.

Mary Withers Kirkland

The newest collaborating artist to contribute to Anderson Design Group's 63 Illustrated American National Parks Collection, digital painter Mary Withers Kirkland specializes in unique stylization, emotive clouds, and a lyrical sense for color.

In her first piece with ADG, Mary captured the rare natural phenomenon of Horsetail Fall, which can appear to be on fire under the right conditions. Falling 2,030 feet down the eastern side of El Capitan, Horsetail Fall is a seasonal waterfall that flows as two side-by-side streams during the winter and spring months. If conditions are perfect, the sun sets in just the right position to light up the falls, making them appear as if they are on fire. Few artists can capture this natural phenomenon in a way that does it justice, and Mary Withers Kirkland is one of them.

More Art on the Way!

Between our in-house artists and our remote artist collaborators, our team has over a dozen designers, illustrators, digital painters, sketch artists, oil painters, poster artists, writers, and color experts who create the works of Anderson Design Group. 

Until next time,

- Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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