Kick Off Spooky Season with New Legends of the National Parks Products!

Kick Off Spooky Season with New Legends of the National Parks Products!

When our poster artists and illustrators launched the Legends of the National Parks art collection, the goal was to explore the more mysterious side of America's beloved National Parks.

As ADG Creative Director Joel Anderson put it: 

"We've explored, rendered posters, written books, and photographed the nation's most cherished public lands. During our research and adventures in the parks, we've also run across some pretty exciting legends. We've heard horror stories about strange creatures that others have seen, heard, (or felt). We've uncovered tall tales of unexplainable events, ancient myths, and local stories passed down by Indigenous Peoples, colonial settlers, and park visitors." 

We realized we couldn't truly do the National Parks justice in our original illustrations and vintage-styled posters unless we also rendered designs of the more wild, mysterious, and mythical side of the parks.

Joel described our artistic journey, from depicting vivid landscapes of the parks to rendering the mysterious creatures and spirits we imagined lived within:

"Many of the legends we've come across are based on Native American folklore, and to the best of our abilities, we’ve indicated which tribes were associated with each story, being careful to respect the sacred traditions of Indigenous beliefs. As we continued to dig deeper, we realized we needed to create an entirely new art series dedicated to the myths, stories, campfire lore, spooky songs, creepy sightings, and scary encounters. We decided to call it, 'The Legends of the National Parks.'"

Products Created to Celebrate America's Wild Side

The Legends of the National Parks art collection was so popular, we decided to create several products around the art, all of which we've released just in time for Halloween and Spooky Season! Perfect for gifts, decor, and seasonal party favors, these beauties inspire wonder and excitement in what creatures might be hiding in America's wilderness.


Legends of the National Parks Coloring Book

We just released the Legends of the National Park Coloring Book (just in time for Halloween!) This deluxe, 60-page coloring book is perfect for coloring enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. We took our popular Legends of the National Parks poster art and redrew each composition by hand to create 48 coloring pages that feature 38 Legendary monsters from American parks plus 10 mythical creatures from around the world.

Just for fun, we also included 12 full-color pages with reference imagery of our original poster designs, plus maps, artist's sketches, and monster info. This deluxe 8.5" x 11" coloring book is printed on gallery-grade drawing paper with perforated pages so you can easily tear out your masterpieces and display them with pride. Created for use with crayons, colored pencils or felt tip markers, this beautiful and educational book offers hours of coloring fun!

2024 Wall Calendars for Monster Lovers

This classic 10"x13" wall calendar features 12 creepy designs from our popular Legends of the National Park series. When open, the calendar is 10" wide by 26" tall and features a generous amount of space to write notes about things to do, monsters to look for, and places to go where one might find such monsters.

Each beautiful 9"x12" poster is printed on gallery-grade paper and is spiral-bound, making this 2024 calendar the perfect gift for any monster lover and wilderness enthusiast. These calendars are a great Halloween gift, or the perfect home or office decor piece for someone who likes National Parks and the mysteries they contain.

Stickers of Spooky Creatures and Mythical Beings

This creepy creature die-cut sticker set will make anything into a conversation piece! It contains 24 high-quality vinyl stickers featuring famous monsters like Bigfoot and other mythical creatures that some say inhabit America's National Parks. (Are they fact or fiction? You be the judge!)

Stick these monsters on your camper, cooler, skateboard, bike, luggage, or locker. They're a perfect addition to Halloween parties too. A bonus insert card includes the history and lore of each legendary creature found in this awesome sticker set! Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, these 1.86" x 3.7" full-color stickers look scary anywhere you stick 'em.

Legends of the National Parks Guide Book

The ultimate must-have for anyone who plans to go exploring this spooky season, the Legends of the National Parks Guide Book is a veritable repository of top secret cryptid information, pinpointing the various National Parks where each legend originated.

We wrote and rendered maps, captions, facts, and info-graphics to bring these mysterious creatures to life in this handy, pocket-sized guide book. In the book, the legends are retold and amplified with info about the powers and characteristics of each creature, along with plausible natural explanations for how each mystery may have come to be.

This book is ideal for anyone who is a fan of the National Parks, mythical creatures, and creepy, unexplained phenomena. In addition to featuring 32 Legends of the National Parks, there is a bonus section highlighting 19 other mythical creatures from around the world. Printed on quality paper with a sturdy binding, the dimensions of this handy book are 5" wide x 7" tall.

Postcards to Celebrate Spooky Season with a Friend

Because Spooky Season is so... well... spooky, it's a season best celebrated with a buddy! That's why we created the Legends of the National Parks Postcard Set, so you and a friend could correspond and tell each other about your spooky encounters!

Featuring the fantasy art of Anderson Design Group's award-winning artists, this collector's postcard set is perfect for every National Park lover or creep show fan. These colorful cards are printed on gallery-grade paper, and they feature informative text on the backside about the history behind each legendary creature. Individual postcards measure 4.25" x 6".

Gearing Up (Literally!) for a Great Fall

As wilderness enthusiasts and artists with big imaginations, we always get particularly excited when fall rolls around and Spooky Season begins. We hope you enjoy the art of Legends of the National Parks and the many products those illustrations have inspired.

Here's to a fun, safe, (and a little bit spooky) autumn!

-Ren Brabenec
Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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