National Park...Socks?!

National Park...Socks?!

Most of our customers are adventurous souls who love the National Parks and hike in these beautiful protected lands. Adventurous souls require adventurous soles! And thanks to our recent partnership with Swiftwick, we're introducing a unique National Park edition of Swiftwick's high-performance trail socks!

For years you've been able to decorate your home or office with National Park wall art by Anderson Design Group. But why stop at decorating just your walls with vintage poster art? Now you can decorate your feet with our National Park art too!

Anderson Design Group and Swiftwick

Anderson Design Group just teamed up with another local, Nashville small business, Swiftwick! Swiftwick is located just down the street from us, and they specialize in designing performance socks that are unmatched in both quality and style.

When we got to talking to them, we found that Swiftwick is a lot like ADG in their company mission and their resolve to create fantastic products. Swiftwick's mission statement is to empower folks to have wonderful experiences outdoors. That experience starts from the ground up, i.e., having a great pair of socks on your feet! Every Swiftwick sock is made in the United States, with much of the design and production process being done right here in Nashville!

Here at Anderson Design Group, our products are made in the United States too. Our mission and goal as a local, family-owned and operated business is to inspire folks with vintage poster art, travel art, retro art, and National Park art.

Picking up on the similarities, business to business? We're surprised a collab between Swiftwick and ADG didn't happen sooner!

National Park Socks - The Features!

We love the quality and ingenuity that Swiftwick put into these hiking socks, and yes, the fact that the socks feature original Anderson Design Group poster art makes the socks that much cooler! Now you can hike in comfort and style!

To kick off the new collection of National Park socks, we worked with Swiftwick to produce five unique sock designs, each one featuring ADG poster art of one of the following parks:

- Grand Canyon National Park

- Great Smoky Mountains National Park

- Yellowstone National Park

- Yosemite National Park

- Zion National Park

- The socks feature a six-inch crew cuff that displays a 360° printed ADG National Park design. This is an ideal crew cuff height for hiking, giving you the perfect combination of performance and style. Your calf is protected, and you get to show off ADG poster art and National Park art at the same time!

- Swiftwick makes their hiking and trail socks from high-performance fibers, specially crafted for breathability and flexibility. The socks excel in keeping feet dry, thanks to the moisture-wicking design. These are a pair of National Park socks that look great and keep your feet cool, dry, and protected no matter what type of outdoor adventure you throw at them.

- The socks are crafted in a medium cushion with a contoured fit. The socks "hug" in all the right places, ensuring they won't bunch or wad mid-hike. The contoured design helps support your feet while keeping the socks in place.

- Swiftwick's and Anderson Design Group's National Park hiking socks are designed with a seamless toe, eliminating irritation and blisters after miles on the trail.

- Swiftwick socks with National Park designs from ADG are made right here in the United States, so you can purchase with confidence knowing you're supporting two American small businesses at the same time!


Performance and Style - Yes, You Can Have Both!

Our favorite feature of the Swiftwick and ADG National Park sock is the clever combination of performance and style. Most performance hiking socks look, well, a little boring, to be honest. We're changing that up this time around by creating a sock that feels great and that looks great. The socks are so comfortable you'll hardly know they're there, but you will notice that your feet feel much better after a long day of outdoor adventures than they would have felt with any other sock.

And while you're out hiking, your friends and other passersby will appreciate your stylishness and your unmatched "cool" factor! Rest assured, there won't be anyone else on the trail with a pair of socks as neat as these. Each pair features stunning poster designs made by local Nashville artists, giving the socks a unique visual appeal found nowhere else.

Take National Park Art with You on Your Next Park Adventure!

Not only can you decorate your walls with vintage National Park poster art, but you can also take the original designs and classic illustrations of Anderson Design Group with you on your next park adventure! We hope you enjoy these socks as much as we have. They're fun to wear, and they're fun to look at!

And don't forget, socks have been continuously rated one of the top best gifts of all time! Socks are the one type of gift that are always appreciated, that will always be useful, no matter who you're shopping for. Order these National Park sock patterns for a friend, and try a pair for yourself too!

Hope to see you on the trail (socks and all!),

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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