Road Trip! - National Park Adventures Near YOU

Road Trip! - National Park Adventures Near YOU

As the summer season winds down and the autumn chill sets in, lots of folks are trying to find one last adventure before the year comes to a close. Many parts of the United States will be covered in snow before we know it, and other regions will simply be quite cold! Plus, the leaves in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest are beginning to change color, adding a special kind of wonder to winding two lanes and long drives with those we love.

At the close of the summer season, we poured over a map and found seven National Parks/Park areas that offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the U.S., incredible views, wildlife, attractions, adventure opportunities, and more.


And best of all, according to our calculations, no matter where you live in the continental United States, you are almost certainly within a day's drive of at least one of these parks!

Where will you travel to this autumn, to get one last road trip in before the year closes? Read on to find the park nearest you!

The Northeast - Shenandoah National Park

Home to about 90 individual rivers and streams and located in a hilly region of Virginia, Shenandoah National Park is known for its wooded walking paths, babbling brooks, waterfalls, pools, and incredible scenic views.

Shenandoah preserves much of the Shenandoah Valley, easily one of the most beautiful places in the eastern United States. The park is over 200,000 acres in size and offers scenic two-lanes like the Skyline Drive, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the park from the comfort of their vehicle if they so choose.

Just 75 miles from Washington D.C. yet a totally preserved and undeveloped wilderness, folks from the eastern seaboard can travel to the park and enjoy cathartic time in nature, a healing and battery-charging experience!

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The Southeast - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Did you know that Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most-visited park in the United States? The park receives about 11 million visitors each year! The park is located in both western Tennessee and eastern North Carolina.

The park was created to conserve the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and the incredible vistas, wildlife, rivers, lakes, meadows, and valleys that this park is known for.

And as an added bonus, a road trip to this park is especially joyous in autumn, as the Great Smoky Mountains offer some of the most beautiful colors in the Southeast!

When you make the drive to GRSM, don't forget to check out famous attractions like:

- LeConte Lodge

- Mt. Cammerer Tower

- The Little River Railroad

- Alum Cave

- Chimney Tops

- Mt. LeConte

- Grotto Falls

- Cable Mill

- Clingmans Dome

- Laurel Falls

- Foothills Parkway

- Cades Coves

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The Midwest - Indiana Dunes National Park

One of the most recent additions to the National Park roster, Indiana Dunes National Park was created to further protect 15,000 acres of prairie, lake shore, sand dunes, forests, and marshes. Just a short drive from Metro Chicago, this untouched wilderness offers adventure, peace, solitude, and a connection with nature not easy to find elsewhere in the region.

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The Central U.S. - Rocky Mountain National Park

In North-Central Colorado, visitors to this region will find the beauty and wonder of Rocky Mountain National Park awaiting them. The park is a panoply of diversity. Much of the park rests at about 7,500 feet above sea level. These are the prairies and forests, river bottoms and lake beds where one might find elk, big horn sheep, moose, or mule deer grazing on the verdant vegetation.

But the park also conserves massive Rocky Mountain peaks, the tallest of which is Longs Peak, coming in at 14,259 feet above sea level. Visitors to the park can walk along well cared-for trails in the valleys and forests down below, or take on a greater challenge of climbing the nearby mountain peaks.

A trip to Rocky Mountain National Park will surely fill digital camera rolls and flood the mind and memory with incredible sights, sounds, and smells. And upon return, Anderson Design Group's award-winning poster artists have hand-rendered several vintage National Park posters of the park and some of the wildlife that lives there. Available as posters, prints, banners, canvases, notecards, postcards, or metal signs, this vintage art looks wonderful in any home or office!

The Southeast - Big Bend National Park

The only park to have an entire mountain range within its borders, Big Bend National Park offers diverse terrain and a wide variety of attractions and potential experiences for those who travel there. For example, the park is known for having the darkest night skies in the lower 48 states, which makes stargazing at Big Bed absolutely superb.

Because of the significant range in elevation within the park's borders (the lowest point is at 1,715 feet above sea level and the highest point is at 7,832 feet above sea level), Big Bend National Park offers incredible biodiversity within its many ecosystems. Just within the park's limits, there are 56 species of reptiles, 75 mammal species, more than 450 bird species, and at least 1,200 species of plants.

A trip to Big Bend National Park is not soon forgotten. And when you return, Anderson Design Group has rendered several vintage travel posters for you to decorate with. What better way to reminisce on a trip to Big Bend National Park than with vintage poster art?

The West - Grand Circle National Parks

Without a doubt, the largest concentration of National Parks in the lower 48 states are in the western part of the country. In fact, there is an area of northern Arizona, southern Utah, and eastern Nevada, a "circle" about 1,500 square miles in size, that contains six National Parks and several National Monuments! You can plan a trip to the Grand Circle and visit several National Parks and Monuments all within just a couple days.

The National Parks found in the Grand Circle include:

- Grand Canyon National Park

- Zion National Park

- Bryce Canyon National Park

- Capitol Reef National Park

- Arches National Park

- Canyonlands National Park

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The Pacific Northwest - Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is certainly unique, as it was developed to conserve a lake that resides within the mouth of a dormant volcano. The lake is also the deepest lake in America, measuring 1,943 feet deep! The lake is entirely rain and snow-fed, meaning there is no sediment or dirt that is carried into the lake from other sources. The unique circumstance keeps the lake extremely clean and clear, one of the cleanest lakes in the world in fact!

Hiking opportunities around Crater Lake National Park are cherished and greatly enjoyed by visitors, but camping, swimming, bicycling, fishing, boating, and other activities are also common here. If you're planning a trip to Crater Lake, definitely don't forget to bring your camera. This park is one-of-a-kind with picturesque moments around every corner.

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Vintage National Park Poster Art to Remember a Family Adventure By

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See you on the road,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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