Remember Your Global Travel With Our Prints

Remember Your Global Travel With Our Prints

Last year, ADG reached the milestone of creating the single most comprehensive world travel art collection yet. The World Travel collection has over 430 original illustrations and vintage-styled posters of countries around the world. It is the perfect place to find a souvenir for your global travel adventure.

ADG launched this collection in 2010, and 14 years later, the art now features original illustrations of over 190 world nations, with several nations featured in two, four, even six, or seven or more original illustrations. This collection is a favorite among world travelers and wanderlust enthusiasts everywhere, as it enables them to purchase a poster for every country they've been to (and for every country they wish to visit soon!)

Wall Art to Commemorate a European Vacation

According to surveys, while Americans still visit their neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico more than any other nation, they overwhelmingly choose Europe as their destination of choice when they want to see the Old World. And how could they not? Europe is a continent rich in human history, full of art, culture, food, incredible scenery, interesting traditions, great music, and iconic wilderness mixed with old, architecturally mesmerizing cities.

Thankfully, ADG’s poster artists and illustrators have been hard at work rendering original artwork of Europe, creating illustrations of each European country at least once. Some more frequently visited European countries, like England, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, are featured on multiple posters!

Decor to Remember a Trip to African Countries

With advanced urban areas and swaths of undeveloped wildlife regions, the African countries provide an entirely different and unique travel experience.

ADG artists have studied these countries closely, creating original art of each in ways that represent and pay tribute to some of the most iconic features of each African nation.

Vintage Posters to Remember a Trip to Any Country in the World

As of December 2023, the World Travel Poster series now features a poster for every country in Central America, South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

Over 190 countries are represented in over 430 posters, providing travel enthusiasts with the most extensive and inclusive series of world travel art ever produced.

From home decor to office decor and poster art available in multiple sizes and styles, this collection provides travelers with various options for decorating their adventures onto their walls or mantle.

Christmas Vacation Wall Decor and Travel Art

Because Christmas vacations are so popular and families are increasingly choosing to travel during the holidays, ADG added a travel mini-series to the Happy Holidays collection!

This series depicts many popular travel destinations people tend to gravitate towards during the holidays.

From Time in London to Time in Paris, Rome, and Beyond, Posters of the World Make for Timeless Souvenirs

Not only does the World Travel Collection feature a diverse variety of locations worldwide, but the art is also presented in various forms and styles, maximizing design and decor potential.

Travelers can decorate with their favorite design in a framed or unframed art print, available in six standard sizes. Canvases are also available, offered in four standard sizes. (We also have mini canvases, available in two sizes). For a more rustic look, some customers choose their favorite travel art as a metal sign, available in three sizes. And last but not least, customers can also have their chosen travel design printed onto notecards or postcards.

Art Prints, Poster Frames, Metal Wall Art, and More; Anderson Design Group Helps You Display Your Travel List with Pride

Rendered in the classic look of the Golden Age of Travel Posters, our adventurous designs will help you celebrate your favorite memories and share your journeys. Collect and display a print from each place you've visited. Or create a gallery of the dream destinations on your bucket list. 

No matter how you choose to decorate, we guarantee the World Travel art will have guests and roommates alike staring in awe at the iconic places you choose to feature in your home.

Last but not least, ADG is currently offering our 2024 Wall Calendars at a 30% off sale price! These beauties are a great way to remember domestic travels or international journeys, and they're super helpful for note-taking, date reminders, and to-do lists! Get them soon, as the sale is only running while supplies last!

Happy Trails,

-Ren Brabenec
Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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