Strength and Solidarity in the Spirit of Nashville

Strength and Solidarity in the Spirit of Nashville

In the last three months, Nashville has experienced a highly destructive series of tornados, storms and a viral pandemic. But if there's one thing that stands out about this city, it's the never-ending compassion and solidarity that Nashville residents show for each other. The city embodies the virtues of the Volunteer State, always ready to help, protect, and stand in unity against even the most overwhelming of difficulties.

There is no doubt that Nashville is unique and special! That's part of why our art and design team here at Anderson Design Group created the Spirit of Nashville art collection, a series of over 200 posters and designs that symbolize everything we've found to be unique about Music City.

What is the Spirit of Nashville? Well, it's a story best told in vintage artwork, printing art, retro art, promotional designs, and vintage travel posters.

Celebrating the Spirit of Nashville

In 2003, our design team created a promotional calendar for some of our "Big City" clients. The vintage art we created for those calendars instantly became a hit. We realized that people loved seeing us showcase our favorite city! Soon after, companies were asking us to create a logo here, a vintage advertisement there, pop art, calligraphy, art deco, and other designs that only an art store in Nashville would know how to create.

We learned right away that Nashville art was highly appreciated, so we dove into an inspiration-filled adventure to create a Nashville poster for every "Music City Moment" that we could find!

Seventeen years and 200+ illustrations later and we still feel like we've only just skimmed the surface of the many beautiful and unique features of this city. Luckily, we still add Nashville poster art to the collection each month! Be sure to check back and see what our in-house artists and poster art enthusiasts come up with next!

Artwork in the Spirit of Nashville Collection

Art prints, a painting here, a poster there, a drawing here, a vintage advertising illustration there, art galore of Music City! Here are just some of the historic sites, parks, venues, restaurants, skylines, and memorable moments that we've captured of America's favorite City of Dreams:

Arnold's Country Kitchen

Belle Meade Plantation

The Bluebird Cafe


Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Dreams Come True in Music City

Fall Creek Falls

Loveless Barn

Centennial Park

Music City Pinup Art

Nashville Skyline

Station Inn

To view the full line of posters for sale in the Spirit of Nashville collection, check out the collections page. And don't forget, we update that page frequently whenever we add new artwork!

Made-To-Order Art Prints - Decorate Any Way You Choose!

Our Spirit of Nashville collection features classic poster designs available in multiple sizes and styles. You can customize how you decorate with your favorite Nashville artwork!

Art Prints. One of our most popular items, you can order any of our Spirit of Nashville designs as a vintage-styled art print. You can choose from size options like 8x10, 11x14, 18x24, 24x32, 30x40, and 36x48.

Canvases. For a classic, vintage look, our customers often choose to go with a beautiful, quality, hand-stretched canvas. These beauties are available in 12x16, 18x24, 24x32, and 30x40.

Metal Signs. For a more rustic look (and for outdoor art ideas!), many of our customers choose the metal sign option when picking out their favorite Nashville artwork. These beauties come in sizes like 9x12, 12x16, and 18x24.

Notecards. Available in bulk pricing or build-your-own sets, our Spirit of Nashville notecards make for great wedding invites, reminders, love letters, and more!

Vintage Postcards. Our vintage postcards take us back to the good ole' days, back when a postcard in the mail was a favored way of telling someone you were thinking of them.

Framed Postcards. Tight on space for decorating? Our framed postcards are perfect for a desk ornament, mantle decoration, or for filling in that last, blank spot on your wall.

Canvas Banners. An excellent alternative for the traditional canvas, canvas banners are stylish and easy to decorate with. Available in 11x14, 18x24, 24x32, 30x40, and 36x48, the sky's the limit in decorating options!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Enjoy Vintage Posters from Home

From our family to yours, we hope you're staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. We just spent this past week going through our Spirit of Nashville collection. We were reminded with every design of just how valuable and meaningful our Nashville community is. We hope you enjoy this collection and feel free to reach out to us if you have Nashville design ideas you'd like to see made into vintage poster art!

And if you are in the mood to decorate, but you don't want to go out to get a print framed, try our canvases—they come to your door ready to hang. All you need is a hammer and a nail!

Until next time,

-Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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