The Long Lost Art of Letter Writing

The Long Lost Art of Letter Writing

In this age of social media, text messages and e-cards, a hand-written note is sure to make an unforgettable statement. Real ink on paper. Beautiful art created by real artists—this is the way to re-connect with an old friend or to remind someone how much they mean to you. Invite someone to dinner the old-fashioned way—write them an invitation on a lovely note card hand-addressed on a crisp white envelope. The lucky person who receives your heart-felt message written on a little work of art is likely to cherish it forever as a treasured keepsake.

We've made it easy to create your very own 8-piece note card or postcard sets. Now you can choose from our 800+ designs to build your own little collection of cards with designs that will speak from your heart to that Special Someone.

Choose from our vast collection of travel poster art to commemorate a special trip. Or pick a design that will bring back a memory, a place, or a feeling. With our art and your heart-felt, hand-written message, you can't fail at making a lasting impression. 

Our postcards can be ordered with our classic "to/from/place stamp here" design on the backside, or you can order them blank and do whatever you like on the back. (People often use our postcards for save-the-date cards, invitations, scrap books, framed art, or as a collection of precious keepsakes.

Check out our postcards: and notecards:

NOW AVAILABLE on our site: Build-Your-Own Postcard AND Notecard Sets! Starting in packs of 8, pick from our over 800+ designs on our site to keep and send!

Fun Fact:


This website is all about the long lost art of letter writing. You simply request an address from the website, send a postcard out, receive one yourself, and then you can register to have the received postcard in the system. It’s a quick and easy way of writing a note/letter while connecting yourself with someone in a different country. On the site, it gives the statistics of Postcrossing in numbers (as of 2/13/17):

...And it’s growing! Postcrossing is free (except for whatever amount you pay for a postcard/stamp). In the testimonials section under “About Postcrossing”, stories are shared of people’s passions, interests, and connecting cultures through a simple act of kindness.

You can head to their website/social media sites for more pictures, info, and tidbits:

Instagram: @postcrossinghq

Twitter: @postcrossing


*Photography by brasstacksandco

Instagram: @brasstacksandco

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