Best Travel-Themed Gift Ideas for 2020

Best Travel-Themed Gift Ideas for 2020

Did you know that U.S. outbound travel increased by 170% over a 20-year period? According to the National Travel & Tourism Office, in 1996, there were 26,825,900 U.S. outbound trips abroad (people traveling from the U.S. to a foreign country). In 2016, there were 72,559,988 such trips!

Do you think Americans everywhere are feeling a little wanderlust—the desire to see new places, experience new cultures, and just "Get out of Dodge"? An almost 3X increase in outbound travel over the past two decades would say yes!

As the holidays draw near, there's a good chance you have a family member or friend who's got the travel bug. They're probably just itching to hop on a plane and experience a new place, new culture, new climate, new everything.

What kind of gift do you get for someone like that, short of a plane ticket?

Maybe a print? A calendar? Or a set of postcards? Here at Anderson Design Group, we know a thing or two about wanderlust, about the thrill of travel, about how the spirit simply soars when traveling. In fact, much of our artwork was inspired by our own travels.

Travel Art - Inspiration to Explore

Travel art refers to any artwork that inspires one to travel. It can also be artwork that was inspired from traveling.

Let's face it, as much as we want to travel, it's not always a life priority. In fact, we rarely go to all of the places we want to go to, simply because the expense and the time investment necessary to travel tends to place traveling on the back burner.

But when one decorates their room or home with travel art, vintage posters that convey the wonder and joy of traveling, that artwork serves as a daily reminder of one's desire to roam free.

We have customers who create entire "travel walls." Because our artists here at Anderson Design Group have created over 250 individual poster designs of World Travel destinations and over 300 individual poster designs of American Travel destinations, our customers can pick and choose poster art from the places they've been and the places they have yet to travel to. (Below are photos of "travel walls" sent to us by folks who use our poster art to commemorate their favorite adventures.)

Thanks to hundreds of travel inspired vintage posters, we've had customers who make "bucket list walls," walls decorated in poster art of the places they have yet to travel to. Other customers create "victory walls," walls decorated with poster art of the places they've already been to.


Five Ways Travel Art Makes for a Great Gift

Travel art inspires travel. The nostalgia and vintage beauty of this style of artwork helps feed that wanderlust flame. It reminds us of our desire to get out and experience new lands and cultures.

Here are five reasons why travel art is the perfect gift this holiday season:

1). Travel art inspires people to break the mold, leave the routine behind for a few days, weeks, or months, and just get out into the world!

2). Travel art functions as excellent home decor! Sophisticated, classy, and beautiful.

3). Travel art harkens back to the vintage travel advertisements of the early-20th century. There's a classy, vintage, retro nature to this art style.

4). Travel art from Anderson Design Group is available in several styles, formats, and sizes—as ready-to-frame prints, canvases, metal signs, postcards, and more.

5). Anderson Design Group travel art is affordable. This is inspiring, stylish, and unique home decor at a price that won't break the bank.

Christmas is right around the corner, and the New Year is just beyond. Let's all do a little more traveling in 2020, and let's have travel art hanging from our walls to keep us inspired!

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