The Man Cave Collection – Vintage Poster Art Perfect for Any Man's Clubhouse

The Man Cave Collection – Vintage Poster Art Perfect for Any Man's Clubhouse

"Men are known for their wit, and while our woeful wives may wear weary expressions when we woo them with witty wordings, our wittiness is never truly wasted. Step into the wondrous wonderland of your man cave. Here your willingness to wink, wiggle, and warble in your own wit is always welcome!"

That's right; the man cave is any man's secret abode, his castle, his proverbial grownup pillow fort, his temple at which to worship all things manly. It's the place where he can let the caveman out, the last sanctuary where he can shirk the suit and tie of 21st-century gentlemanliness and just be a man.

And to celebrate all things Man Cave, Anderson Design Group created the Man Cave Collection, a series of 48 original, handcrafted vintage designs that are perfect for making any room into a gen-u-wine man cave.

This collection features illustrations and posters of any man's favorite beverages. Coffee, beer, and the "top-shelf good stuff." This series also has retro artwork of fishing, hunting, camping, boating, sports, and man cave-appropriate cuisine (pass the hot sauce). So if you're working on putting together a manly hideaway that will be the talk of the block, then this collection is the right one for you.

What are the Key Components of a Man Cave?

What makes a man cave? We all know it when we step into one. "Yes, this is a man cave," we think to ourselves or say out loud in humble admiration. But what crucial components come together to make a room, basement, garage, shop, attic, or outbuilding truly a man cave? We nailed it down to five ingredients that are a must for any man cave:

1. A man cave has to have comfortable furniture on which to recline. We're talking Lazy Boy chairs, futons (in case you need to spend the night in your cave), couches, maybe even a bunk bed for your pals.

2. A man cave needs to have a refrigerator and some food-storage shelves, preferably a minibar. The goal is to have an entire mini-kitchen in the man cave, a secret stash chock-full of all the goodies that the missus doesn't want us to eat and drink. After all, the man cave is a diet-free zone, right?

3. A good man cave must have a TV. Sports, horror movies, action flicks, reality TV shows about hunting and cars, we need this type of entertainment in our humble abodes.

4. A tasteful man cave should also have games. After all, a man cave is a place for men of all shapes and sizes to convene and socialize. It is a place free of the rules, regulations, manner requirements, cordial traditions, and social graces of the outside world. Here we can belch and pass gas among ourselves in peace, all whilst playing pool, foosball, air hockey, arcade games, or even an old pinball machine.

5. Last but not least, a man cave has to be painstakingly evident that it is a man cave. And what better way to accomplish that than with tasteful wall art, vintage and yet affordable poster prints and metal signs that depict the manliness and "caveiness" of one's private sanctuary? With 48 well-chosen depictions of all things man-cave, our ADG posters are sure to create the finishing touches on your manly lair.

Man Caves to be Proud Of

Let's not be mistaken. Man caves are not just places for us men to relax and unwind. They're also places of inspiration and creativity. In fact, did you know that some of our most famous and most manly of men also had man caves of their own?

These men were inventors, businessmen, tinkerers, artists, engineers, inventors, leaders, and big thinkers. But one thing they all had in common was that they all had a private refuge, an ivory tower, a hideaway in their home or on their property where they could "get away" for a few moments each day. Coincidentally, they would often getaway to their man caves to work on the very creations and accomplishments that would one day make them famous!

Here's a shortlist of some famous men who had man caves of their own:

 Ernest Hemingway
 Theodore Roosevelt
 Frederick Douglass
 Thomas Jefferson
 Mark Twain

 Henry David Thoreau
 Thomas Edison
 John Muir
 Winston Churchill
 The Wright Brothers
 Charles Darwin
 Frank Lloyd Wright
 Andrew Carnegie

There's a great article published at the Art of Manliness that talks about the impressive man caves of each one of these men. Check it out, get inspired for your own man cave, and appreciate the history behind these sheltered havens for all things manly. (Note: that article is also a great one to show the missus if she's giving you a hard time about your man cave).

Decorate Your Cave with Vintage Poster Art

We invite you to decorate your man cave, to stake your claim on that one particular room, and to do so with our vintage artwork. And if you liked what you saw in the Man Cave Collection, Anderson Design Group has more than 1,700 unique, hand-drawn, lettered, and painted retro illustrations available as art prints, metal signs, canvas banners, postcards, and notecards.

We created nature-inspired poster art of all 61 of the American National Parks. We explored all things American with our American Travel Collection. We dove into the "roughing it" lifestyle with our Lake and Lodge Collection. We celebrated our hometown with the Spirit of Nashville Collection. We got our twang on with the Southern Delight collection. And that's just getting started! Explore all of our Anderson Design Group collections and get lost in a world of vintage poster art. No matter your interests, hobbies, or tastes, we're confident you'll find the perfect artwork that will make your man cave extraordinary.

Happy hunting!
-Ren Brabenec
Anderson Design Group Writing Staff

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