Travel Prints as Inspiration and Memorabilia for Cherished Adventures

Travel Prints as Inspiration and Memorabilia for Cherished Adventures

Summer is the best season to travel, so we put together a collage of all our favorite travel aesthetics and decor ideas. Read the introductions to our best-selling poster art collections and become inspired by travel art, large framed prints, decorative accents, and nature prints.

Modern Home Decor Styled After Vintage Poster Art and American Travel Art

In 2010, our poster art team at Anderson Design Group began creating travel posters of our favorite American cities illustrated in the style of "The Golden Age of Poster Art" (early to mid-20th Century). Since then, we have created over 300 original designs celebrating the history and charm of America's most beloved cities, natural wonders, and destinations. We are always creating new posters, so if you have a suggestion, let us know, and we will consider adding it to our to-do list!

Nature Art for a Calming Aesthetic

What better way to create soothing calm in any space than with a nature aesthetic? Nature posters can be found in several of our collections, including Legends of the National Parks, 63 American National Parks, American National Monuments & Natural Wonders, American Travel, Animal Lovers, and more. Visit our Collections page to view them all!

If you’re a fan of wildlife, head on over to our 63 American National Parks collection, as we have a dedicated mini-series within that collection titled “National Parks Wildlife.” The series features 15 original posters dedicated to favorite animals that live in the National Parks!

Vintage Travel Posters and Dream Destinations as Inspiration for the Next Journey

Now that international travel is once again available, many intrepid souls are planning a trip across national borders, a journey like no other to see not just what the country has to offer but what the world has to offer. For such an adventure, no artistic collection provides as much inspiration as our World Travel Collection.

In 2010, Anderson Design Group decided to create classic travel posters featuring our favorite destinations around the globe. Our World Travel Poster series now features a poster for every country in Central America, South America, North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. And we will continue our quest to produce designs that celebrate the most beloved cities and destinations on every continent. Rendered in the classic look of the Golden Age of Travel Posters, our adventurous designs will help you celebrate your favorite memories and share your journeys. Collect and display a print from each place you've visited. Or create a gallery of the dream destinations on your bucket list. We offer a world of possibilities!

Coastal Art Helps You to Always Feel Like You're at the Beach and in the Sun

Nothing beats the beach! If you need a little sunshine in your life (or living room), we've got just the poster art collection for you. Full of breezy scenes and sayings, the Coastal Collection by Anderson Design Group is a certified "illustration vacation," no sunscreen necessary.

Whether you prefer the Atlantic or the Pacific, we guarantee you'll get that toes-in-the-sand, daiquiri-in-hand feeling every time you glance at one of these sunny, handcrafted designs.

National Park Travel Posters to Remember a Favorite Trip

Inspired by the iconic WPA-commissioned artwork of the early 1900s, our National Park poster series is meant to conjure nostalgia through design, to celebrate our American heritage and the gift of unbridled nature with pencil, brush, and stylus. The talented artists of Anderson Design Group are finishing what the WPA began, hand-illustrating original travel poster designs for all of our National Parks (with new angles and perspectives added all the time).

Whether you're creating a bucket list or wanting to remember the family road trip of a lifetime, these handcrafted works by Anderson Design Group are perfect for any living or office space, rustic cabin, or uptown suite. Note: Each year, we donate a portion of our profits to the National Park Foundation. Your purchase helps to protect America's National Parks!

Nature Art Prints a Little on the Wild Side

ADG’s Legends of the National Parks poster art collection is where nature art, travel art, and cryptid art meet, the best home decor or office art. These spooky designs and original illustrations are the perfect wall art to inspire a trip into the National Parks or to remember a beloved (and perhaps spooky) adventure into the parks.

The artists of Anderson Design Group have spent years documenting the wilderness and wonder of America's National Parks. We've explored, rendered posters, written books, and photographed the nation's most cherished public lands. During our research and adventures in the parks, we've also run across some pretty exciting legends. We've heard horror stories about strange creatures that others have seen, heard, (or felt). We've uncovered tall tales of unexplainable events, ancient myths, and local stories passed down by Indigenous Peoples, colonial settlers, and park visitors.

Many of the legends we've come across are based on Native American folklore, and to the best of our abilities, we’ve indicated which tribes were associated with each story, being careful to respect the sacred traditions of Indigenous beliefs. As we continued to dig deeper, we realized that cultures from every continent on the globe have their own rich traditions of mythology that feature bizarre, creepy, and quirky legendary beings. So we began exploring and depicting magical, mystical monsters from all over the planet. We hope you enjoy our Legends Of The National Parks designs and our Mythical Creatures from Around The World, too!

Enjoy a Summer of Travel!

The art introduced in the above collections is available as art prints, canvases, metal signs, notecards, postcards, or mini canvases. Choose from different sizes and framing options to create the perfect medley of art and decor to complement your home, office, studio, man cave, workshop, porch, or workplace.

We also offer much of the above art in yearly wall calendars! We hope you have a fantastic trip, and we hope you find the art in our collections that inspires wanderlust for the next adventure!

See you on the road and in the air!

-Ren Brabenec
Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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