Denny's Tour of America

We have been selling our classic American travel posters in flash sale events on since summer of 2011. This national exposure—in addition to selling them on our own site—has caught the attention of art directors from some big national ad agencies. When the agency for Denny’s Restaurants (Erwin Penland) saw our classic American illustration and design work, they asked us if we could help them create a new look for the Denny’s Tour of America menu. Each summer, Denny’s creates new all-American dishes for their menu, and they give it a travel theme. It made perfect sense to marry...

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2012 Austin City Limits Music Fest Poster

Recently, we were asked by C3 Presents (an event organizer responsible for some the country's biggest concert events) to create the official poster for this year's Austin City Limits Music Festival. We were honored and excited, and staff designer/illustrator Andy Gregg was put on the task. C3's poster needs and parameters were somewhat unique: they wanted to feature an Austin skyline, and they needed three different versions of the poster to sell on their website, sort of a "good, better, and best". Andy worked on this problem for a while. Posters from ACL's past were sometimes printed different ways to...

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New Coastal Collection

As you can see, we’ve been dreaming of vacation all summer. Now that we have cranked out a bucket full of new designs to create our latest poster series, we probably will do just that! For quite some time now, have had a lot of interest from the buyers at (and from decorators & fans) in vintage-looking posters with nautical or coastal themes. So we decided to create the COastal Collection and get it done while it was still summer time! Since we could not get away from our drawing tables and iMacs, we put on our flip flops...

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Show Your True Colors This Season!

With election season heating up, we thought it would be fun to poke a little fun at the whole spectacle. By the time November finally gets here, we are all going to be sick of political news coverage and commercials! So to take the edge off of things and celebrate our great democratic system, we set out to create 2 sets of political prints that will allow folks to show their true colors in style. The first set of prints was based on an old horror movie poster look. We spoke with the actress that posed in this old photo...

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Our New Line of Prints: Vintage Ad Follies

The first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. OK—we admit that we are addicted to vintage advertising art and travel posters. So you’d think that after studying old advertising art for decades, creating over 80 classic poster designs for our Spirit of Nashville Collection, then doing more than 50 designs for our Art & Soul of America Collection, we might have gotten tired of the stuff.   As you’ll see, we have only dug in deeper, cranking out loads of new art that looks like it was found in a dusty corner of a defunct...

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