ADG Celebrates Bar-B-Cutie with a Spirit Of Nashville Poster...

ADG Celebrates Bar-B-Cutie with a Spirit Of Nashville Poster...

We started the Spirit Of Nashville poster art collection back in 2004 to celebrate the history and charm of our hometown. It has been a labor of love over the years to create classic poster art that illustrates the essence of Music City—the unique landmarks, establishments, and culture that make Nashville special. One of our greatest pleasures is to meet a true Nashville-lover, learn their story, and then render a poster that celebrates their contribution to the ongoing legacy of our beloved city.

Recently, ADG founder Joel Anderson got acquainted with Christie McFarland, the steward of a Nashville legacy icon—the legendary Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse. Joel brought the ADG staff to the historic restaurant to meet Christie, talk to her, and learn more about this local treasure.

The ADG crew put on official Bar-B-Cutie hats and aprons and went into the smokehouse to visit with Christie and the Pit Master, apply some dry-rub to a slab of beef brisket, pull some BBQ pork shoulder, and throw some genuine hickory logs into the smoker. Then they feasted on some of Nashville's best smoked meat, plus lots of tasty sides.

After all that inspiration, Joel and ADG staff artist Derek Anderson produced a fantastic poster which is now the latest inductee into the Spirit Of Nashville Collection.

Then we interviewed Christie to find out more about her story and the history of Bar-B-Cutie. Here is the interview...

ADG: Tell us about yourself.  

Christie: I’m a native of Knoxville, TN (Go VOLS!) I have three adult children and have been married to my very best friend for almost 30 years. My hobbies include adventures in hiking, traveling, and water. I love to see new places, taste new foods, and experience other cultures. My most life-changing trips have been my trips to Israel and one I took to Amsterdam where I toured the homes of Anne Frank and Corrie ten Boom.   

I’m extremely thankful that God has allowed me to work on the Bar-B-Cutie team for over 25 years. I love our team and their dedication. My favorite part of working with Bar-B-Cutie is being able to help make a difference in people’s lives. There is always a non-profit or little league we get to partner with and customers we can encourage. It’s fulfilling to be part of an organization founded and focused on helping people.   

ADG: Tell us about the history of Bar-B-Cutie.

Christie: In 1950 when Bar-B-Cutie first opened, it was a “car-hop” type restaurant with a few tables where customers could eat inside. Bar-B-Cutie was known for its high-quality, smoked meats, southern sides and friendly staff. As Bar-B-Cutie quickly became a Nashville favorite food and popular hang-out spot for locals and travelers, the “Bar-B-Cutie Girl” (pictured on the nostalgic Bar-B-Cutie sign in the Anderson print) became a well-known Nashville trademark. From humble beginnings, Bar-B-Cutie now has locations in Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas.  

Over the past 70+ years, Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse has been on an exhilarating ride! Recent highlights have been opening a location in the Nashville airport, partnering with Nashville-based Mill Creek Brewery to create the "Bar-B-Cutie Low-N-Slow" IPA beer, doing cool collabs with outstanding influencers (like this one with Anderson Design Group!) and kicking off our "Hero Hats for Heidi" promo where we join with our customers to celebrate heroes on our team and in our communities. The mouth-watering menu, outstanding customer service, and commitment to community have remained core ingredients to the Bar-B-Cutie brand. 

ADG: What makes Bar-B-Cutie unique and special to Nashville? 

Christie: Bar-B-Cutie was “Nashville born” so we will always have Nashville roots and flair. We still offer “original” Bar-B-Cutie menu items like turnip greens and fried cornbread at our Nashville locations, AND you can only visit the 'original' Bar-B-Cutie location in Nashville. Fortunately though, Nashville elements like boots, country music, sweet tea, and southern hospitality are experienced at all of our locations in Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia. 

ADG: What are some of your favorite menu items? 

Christie: That’s so hard! I love our smoked brisket and pork. “The Mark” (named after one of our customers) has our brisket, sausage, and onion rings on it and is covered in melted cheese. Mmmmm! "The Mark" is probably my favorite menu item. Our fried okra, fried pickles dipped in jalapeno ranch dressing and real-cream corn dashed with our rub are also favorites of mine. 


ADG: Spirit of Nashville is a celebration of our city's unique history and charm. It is a visual pantheon that defines Music City and makes it a special place. How does it feel to be featured in this prestigious poster series among icons like The Bluebird Cafe, The Ryman Auditorium, The Loveless Cafe, Elliston Place Soda Shop, and Bobby's Dairy Dip? 

Christie: When I saw the finished Bar-B-Cutie design online featured in the Anderson Design Group “Spirit of Nashville Collection” I wanted to both cry and jump up and down. The ADG team created such a beautiful depiction of the 1950 Bar-B-Cutie 'feel' married with the current-day 'original' Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse location. To see the art showcased along such legendary iconic Nashville brands like Loveless, The Bluebird, and Pancake Pantry is so humbling and exciting! 

ADG: What are a few of your favorite Spirit of Nashville posters? 

Christie: Wow! This is really hard. My favorite three Spirit of Nashville posters are the Centennial Park, Percy Priest Lake, and the Courage, Strength, Hope poster. Centennial Park and Percy Priest Lake hold so many great memories for me and my family. I was married on a bridge in Centennial Park, and our family has spent many relaxing afternoons floating together on Percy Priest Lake. I love how the Spirit Of Nashville posters of those places capture the peaceful vibe I feel when I visit them. The Courage, Strength and Hope poster with hands holding on to the guitar completely represents Nashville to me. In that poster, I see the guitar representing the music that gives us in Nashville a 'center' that we can 'rally together around.' The hands holding the guitar remind me of the hard workers and volunteers that our state and city is known for. Lastly, I think courage, strength, and hope perfectly describe our 'Nashville heart.'  

ADG: What do you love about living in Nashville?  

Christie: The beautiful trees, lakes, parks, music, cultures, activities, food and people make living in Nashville a blast! In Nashville, a “normal” Saturday might be spent shopping at a local Latino market in the morning, boating at the lake all day, and listening to bluegrass at a winery in the evening.

ADG: Bar-B-Cutie has been around since 1950 – congrats! What are your hopes and plans for the next 70+ years? 

Christie: I would like to see the Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse brand continue to expand throughout the United States into every major US city and airport. In the next 70+ years, Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse will be able to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people. 

ADG: Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?  

Christie: Bar-B-Cutie is grateful to each and every customer, community partner, and team member who have given us a place at your table, a spot on your platform, and a part of your life. We are so thankful for each opportunity you have given us to partner with you, and we look forward to making memories together for many more years to come! 

Make sure to check out our website and follow our social media platforms (@BarBCutie) where you can join us in helping to make a difference, get some great meal ideas and discount codes and see LOTS of ammmmazing food pictures!

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